Thursday, January 17, 2013 last

This is my favourite time of year....a time when I can immerse myself in my stash of paper and  found objects, paint and pen...and this year my sewing machine.  I am preparing for the International Collage Exchange.

Coincidentally, Simon Says has a 'lace' challenge and I've been doing some lace stuff.

Poppies and Lace



Joining Clubs

While  the last one is not strictly 'lace' it sneaks in under the wire as 'lacing' perhaps.


  1. Lovely, I love the striking poppies and the added lace. Thanks so much for joining in the Simin Says Stamp and Show Challenge. Tracy x

  2. I love the third one - both the style and the cleverness of it.

  3. The new year is over two weeks old, but I still wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year!

    Your collages are gorgeous. Love especially the last one!


  4. The lace is an unusual supply for you, but these are really fun. That card one takes the cake though - so smart and whimsical and it shows how simple can be so darned effective!

  5. there is something special about each one of these collages Jo-fab work as usual!

  6. I love that playing card! What a great idea!
    These are nice. I never thought of lace, but I do use cheesecloth. HA!

  7. Found your blog so this is my first look at it. Enjoy your kind of collage and view of life.

  8. I love art that mixes textures and materials and these are wonderful blends of thread, fabric, paper, found art and paint! I really wish I could learn to work a sewing machine just so I could use it in ways like you have. I hand sew paper and include beads for similar effects but there's something nice about the nice neat lines a machine offers.

    Thanks for joining in our blog party today. Great to have your company :-)

    Kat X

  9. Gorgeous collages!

  10. Hi JM - I like the quirkiness of the last piece. Collage well in 2013. B

  11. Your collages are stunning! Love the lacy theme and you certainly met the challenge beautifully. Your online exhibit art is awesome - I am so enjoying viewing your creations and your words along with it make for a lovely marriage. Stay well!

  12. lovely lace collages Jo ... it certainly adds texture and interest to your creations