Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How time flies.....

....but only because I've been doing this!

An assortment of collage papers that were the beginning of a 'monoprint collage' workshop with Jane Davies

It's a six week full-on course that I can highly recommend.  I've found it challenging, frustrating, but ultimately satisfying.

We are only at week five, and I can't wait to see what the final week has in store.  Here are a few of my images from this week.


There's always more to learn.

That said, I have again had a painting accepted as a finalist in the Lethbridge 10,000, and one in the online gallery for the duration.  SIXTH year in a row.  I certainly get a gold star for trying.

acrylics on wide-edged, gallery-wrapped, stretched canvas, unframed  56CM X 60 CM
(in the gallery)

acrylics on wide-edged, gallery- wrapped, stretched canvas, unframed  45cm x 45 cm
(in the online gallery)

Seems like the blog is last on the to-do list when paint and paper are calling.


Monday, March 14, 2016

Tiny collages

One of my international swap groups (Paper Traders) has set a cut and paste collage challenge.  Just my cup of tea, or so I thought, but the size was set at 3" x 5".  SO small.

The images used were to be cut from magazines.  That's fine, tho' I'm concerned about copyright of anything recognisable. I tried to make sure that wasn't a problem.





Fussy cutting small images is not as easy as it used to be.  I think I need glasses for this.....but the process is such fun.  I love choosing odd pictures to go together.

Monday, February 15, 2016

On Show at Noosa

Am honoured to  be part of the Taste Of Art exhibition at Noosa Regional Gallery, with my painting "Noosa River Mouth"

How my palette has changed since moving from Sydney! My work now reflects the colours of the coast.

Still hobbling around in a moonboot, with a walking stick, but soon I'll be free!

Saturday, February 6, 2016


GET REAL is the title of a new online exhibition at Virtual Tart NZ, in which I have three works. It is a collaboration of 30 artists from around the world.

My slant on the title is "Get Real.....why?  From my point of view, art is more interesting the less real it is.  I like to stretch the interpretation of my subject just a little"

For instance:

TWO KOOKAS - acrylics 10" x 10" on wide-edge stretched canvas

There is such a diversity of work in this show, it is DEFINITELY worth a look....AND many are for sale.

Click  HERE.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


It's that time again...ICE time.  I've sent my collages to NZ already, but perhaps will give you a preview of some.





 It's been a little difficult to get stuff done.  A week before Xmas I tripped and, presumably, sprained my ankle.  Had an Xray at the local hospital which was inconclusive.  After walking around (painfully) for a month an ultrasound and MRI revealed that I had a fracture.  Silly me.

Am now in a moonboot....clumsy, but safe.  Still not too good at being on my feet for long, but getting there....AND am painting again....hoo-bloody-ray!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

It's been a while......

....around FOUR months to be exact. Don't know why, I guess life got in the way. Some illness, some home refurbishment, lots of socialising, and many workshops. For instance I did four workshops with my friend Noela Mills.

1- Bookmaking

My first efforts

2- Monoprinting and Chine Colle

3- Repurposed Jewellery

4 - Brush making and mark-making

Noela demonstrating making brushes

My brushes

Marks made with my brushes

 After that I did another online workshop with Carla Sonheim...such fun ! 

Imaginary Creatures 2:

 So, I haven't exactly been loafing....at least not all of the time.   It's nice to be back.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Cold Wax with Kym B

Kym Barrett is a talented, and prolific, local artist that I am happy to say has become a friend over the years. I recently bought this wonderful painting at her exhibition, 'Flow & Ebb', at the Regional Arts House in Brisbane.

POND - Kym Barrett
The exhibition is on until 3rd September, so check it out if you are in the area.

Kym has another exhibition, 'Wax & Wabi-Sabi' running concurrently (didn't I say she was prolific) at the Noosa Regional Gallery until 23rd August so you'll have to move fast to catch it.  Both shows are VERY worthwhile.

I was fortunate to join Kym at a cold wax demo and workshop at Noosa recently. It was a beautiful day and we set up outside the Gallery.

Kym's bag o' tricks


A happy group awaiting instruction

Firstly Kym gave us a demo of her colour and cold wax methods, involving much layering.... adding, removing, and making marks.

We then had some practice with mark-making, using charcoal and paper, doing 12 very fast impressions of our surroundings, with as many varieties of marks as we could make with our limited resources. 

Sorry, no photos of these......this post would go on forever.

On to the black and white cold wax method....our beginnings were demonstrated.  We had to tape up 10 small sheets of watercolour paper.  Then, with brush and ink (I used sepia) QUICKLY made some large expressive marks over the lot. On top of that some other quick charcoal marks, over which we spread a smooth layer of beeswax.

This was left to dry while we lunched in the sun.

Then, on to the final stages.

With powdered charcoal mixed with wax we made more marks. 

Variety was the key...large, small...smooth, textured...soft  & hard edges. We used tools of all kinds...brayers, brushes, sticks, even a pot scourer, to add and remove the wax.

A great learning exercise for me.  I tend to overthink, and deaden, my work.  This really made me loosen up....a little.

My efforts by end of day were thus.... probably not in correct order, or particularly good images.  My scanner washes darks out and I try to correct, but don't do a very good job.










I lost most of my sepia marks (on purpose) because I didn't like them, instead of working with them. There's much to learn with this process...so I'll probably do it again.

Perhaps bits of these exercises will end up in collages, or on Xmas cards.  You never know.

Thanks Kym...it was such fun... and quite a stretch.