Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It's been a while...

.... but I'm back.....tho' not quite in full swing yet.  The International Collage Exchange is up and running on:


My piece, 'Wishing For A Better Solution' is SOLD and soon on its way to the USA. (Thanks Julia Payne, a fellow collagist)

Wishing For A Better Solution
old book page, found objects

I love working with discarded objects and papers.  Makes an awful mess in the studio...but is so much fun.


  1. Welcome back. This is a wonderful piece!

  2. Good to hear from you Jo- I moss seeing all your wonderful art projects on a regular basis. this collage is very cool. Congrats on the sale!

  3. I'm late visiting, yet again. I was so glad to see you were posting again, even though it took me awhile to get here. I love this piece you created. It's very inspirational and makes me want to get out my old computer boards. I adore it. Your art always makes me smile. And I know Julia must be quite happy with her purchase.

  4. Funny - I just thought of you the other day and that you've been MIA for awhile. What a fun piece to make your reappearance with! :) Since I started a new 365 project, I briefly considered using my old blog, but it just takes too much time - instagram & FB are enough I think. Hope you'll see my efforts there.....

  5. what a great piece, I can see it sold! Congratulations, Jo!

  6. Very, very cool piece, Jo! Congrats on the sale!