Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Easing back in...with ATCs

After such a month I thought I'd get back into artymode  (new word! IS a living language) by joining a few ATC Swaps.  I'll only show you a few of each or I'll go on all day, and my studio is calling.

First up is my Paper Traders group and the Postage Stamp People swap.

The Explorer

My Hero

This Ol' House

Next, an ArtChix swap with a spooky theme for Halloween.

A Horrid Idea


The Royal Ghost

Part of the brief for ArtChix is that the card must contain at least one of the ArtChix products.

Finally, for my Ipernity group, the theme was 'scissors'.



Scissors Kick

NOW I'm ready for some REAL to the studio.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Been there....

...done this....

Rinda's Photo Scavenger Hunt

1. Open air market: A wet day in Transylvania

2. Theatre for performing arts:  This amazing building is the Esplanade performing arts complex in Singapore.

3. City Hall, Capitol, or other similar civic building: The Palace of The Parliament, Bucharest.

 4. Airplane: From my window seat

5. Sunset: Reflected on the aircraft on another leg of my journey.
6. Someone, or something, taking a nap - Paris streets are littered with the homeless.  This was the usual sight outside our Paris apartment early in the morning.

7.  A sign that is intentionally, or unintentionally, funny : How about several?

a) Budapest

b) Dubai
c) Singapore

8. A tower:

a) The Memorial Of Rebirth, near Revolution Square, Bucharest.  This monument commemorates the struggles and victims of the Romanian Revolution of 1989, which overthrew Communism.

b)  My beloved lounging around Castle Hill, Budapest.

c) The ultimate tower....Eiffel in Paris.

d) Peles Castle, Romania.

9. Someone, or something, out of place:  I couldn't go past this gorgeous child parked on a handbag display in Dubai, while mum shopped.

10. A bench that is outside:  Rustic seating at the Village Museum, Bucharest.

11. An animal in a zoo, nature reserve, or aquarium: A frill-necked lizard, cleverly camouflaged, on a tree in the reserve where we walk each morning.

12: A cloud in the shape of something:  Can anyone else see a bunny?  This one was much harder than it sounded.

13. A fence: Wonderfully woven fence at the Village Museum, Bucharest.

14. A stained glass object, or mosaic: Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris.

15. A fire truck or police car:  The Paris Fire Brigade.

16. A windmill:  A very old wooden windmill at the Village Museum, Bucharest.

17. Candle(s): A shop window in Bucharest.

18. Local pub, bar, or coffee lounge: This coffee shop is in Maleny, an old village, about 15 mins. from home. 

19. A fisherman: Taken on a recent visit to Mooloolaba.

20. A dinosaur: This nasty looking critter was found in Dubai. He was a feature of The Magic Planet, the largest indoor family entertainment centre in Dubai, located in the Mall Of The Emirates.

21: A photograph of you with an artistic tool or craft supply:
 Will a photo of my hand do? Am working on some 4" x 4" canvases for a Christmas exhibition at the Rosebed St Gallery.

a) A person wearing something that symbolises your country:
Me, wearing a temporary Australian flag tattoo.
b) A sundial:  This one was found in the Musee des Arts et Metiers in Paris.
Well I'm back...exhausted, exhilarated, and ready to tackle the washing now.  THEN I can play with my toys again.  Yay!!!