Sunday, February 23, 2014


The Gift

My friend Danni, a fellow artist, is 'scaling down'.  This gentle euphemism denies the heart-wrenching truth of leaving a well-loved home, and all the space and storage previously had to practice her art.

From a purpose-built free-standing (and gorgeous) studio, Danni is now reduced to a small space in her new retirement village home.  Mind you, the house is an average three-bedroom sized house, so to many it would be quite adequate.  It's just that, after her beloved studio, well... it's not the same.

In the process Danni has been divesting herself of the accumulated 'bits and pieces' previously collected, or made, to enhance her art practice.  The lucky recipient of a box of these treasures was ME!!!!!

Above is a collage in which I've used some of Danni's 'bits'....the 'robe' (stained tissue on a wooden skewer), and a rusted piece from an old café umbrella.  I've added some handwriting that accompanied a gift to me from a fellow blogger, and some copper paint.

This collage is now framed and is intended as a housewarming and thank you gift for her new home. Her box of 'bits' is busily inspiring my collages...and will do so for quite a while.


Friday, February 14, 2014

On The Easel

Where is the time going?  I've been distracted from my blog by domestic happenings, and only managed to find a few moments here and there in peace and quiet.

I've been working on a larger collage (for me) and am up to the 'tweaking' stage...the hardest bit.  Should I or shouldn't I? That is the question that confronts us all at some stage.

The collage is 14" x 14", made of painted papers, acrylics, crayon, teabags, and distressed magazine pages.

Do I press on...or stop?

Of course the next question is, what do I call it?  Transfigured?  Lot's Wife?  The Moon Is Down?  All these have crossed my mind...but I'm open to suggestion.

Meanwhile nothing terribly important will be happening in my studio until all these chattering workman depart.  I do like a little quiet when I'm thinking.