Saturday, February 23, 2013


It is always a good idea to put a painting that you think is 'finished' in a place where you unexpectedly come across it. Often you will find that a little something extra is required to really bring it to the final stage.

12" x12" acrylics on stretched canvas

This happened with the above, which I now feel is finished, when compared to the image below.

Subtle, but I think absolutely necessary.  Does anyone agree?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Metal In Collage

There seems to be a trend towards 'metal' in art.  Rusty bits, and rust dyed fabric are all found in abundance lately.  Simon Says Stamp And Show has metal as their weekly challenge, which suits me down to the ground.  Many of my collages contain metal in some form.

UNKNOWN - a rusty champagne top

LINE 'EM UP or EARLY CLOSING - bottle tops

ILLUMINATED - gold paint and found metal

...and, of course, an oldie but goodie...

metal, and rust-dyed fabric, on stretched canvas.

Amazing what you can recycle... but I'd LOVE to win some new stuff from Simon Says.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Paper Traders, one of my favourite web groups, has a swap challenge titled 'Oddball Ancestors'.  This sounded easy to me, my ancestors HAD to be a little 'unconventional'.

Any medium acceptable. I chose to brush up on my photo manipulation skills.

Grandmere & Consort

Major Murray III

When Granny Joined The Circus
It's all good fun...and a great way to practice.  Paper Traders is a huge group, mainly devoted to ATC trading, but also has competitions and challenges.  Why not join up!...the more the merrier.

Friday, February 15, 2013

February's booming!

Apart from my artistic pursuits, I DO have a hobby. It's making beaded jewellery.  This necklace and earrings I made for my dear friend, and fellow artist, Aileen Shaw, who celebrated her 70th birthday to kick off the month.  It features amethyst, her birthstone, and an eclectic assortment of other beads and silver, in an asymmetrical design.

The birthday party was themed purple and pink, and guests obliged by wearing those colours. 

That party done, the next was the opening of the exhibition from my last post. It was an evening to celebrate women, and the Rosebed St Gallery was very obliging by having Sista, two sisters who are musicians, play wonderful music on violin and cello.

They also brought in a belly dancer who really knew her stuff.

It was a huge celebration of 'girl power' in all forms.

We females are unstoppable, capable of so much in this world.  Just get out there and do it!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Group Exhibition

join us for the official opening on
Friday 8th February 7pm
We've gathered together a collection of works from a handful of our talented 'roses'... we couldn't possibly fit in all of our lovely ladies in this arrangement, however with this bunch of roses we've created a bouquet that has...
musings & memories
a drop of serenity

a hint of goddess
a touch of manic...
a soupcon of melancholy
a dash of vintage madness
which equals
a whole lot of magic and a damn fine exhibition!

we look forward to your company on Friday evening

we'll be swooned by the fabulous string duo
SISTA MUSIC - Louise & Sarah King
with guest appearances by Louise Kennedy and Zizi!
catering by Josh from Eudlo's Sweethearts Cafe
RSVP Thurs 7th Feb
Aileen Kumar - kiln fused glass bowls
Annie Burns - paintings
Carley Cornelissen - paintings
Donna Munro - paintings
Glenis Gray - life drawings
Jackie Gasson - ceramics
Jo Murray - collage
Kari - ceramic sculptures
Kay Watanabe - printmaking
Kim Schoenberger - ceramics
Kym Barrett - paintings
Lizzie Connor - paintings
Mad Betty - painting & drawings
Maree Gwynne - paintings
Maya Carter-Malins - paintings
Milly Hine - paintings
Paula Morrall - jewellery
Robyn Woodrow - assemblage sculptures
Sara Bell - graphite drawings
Suzy Furness - silk & wool weavings
Veronica Cay - mixed media works
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Our mailing address is:
Rosebed St Gallery & Studio
13 Rosebed St
Eudlo, QLD 4554

Friday, February 1, 2013

YAY! My Online Exhibition Is Up.

Hope you all get to visit my show "Wordplay' at Dale Copeland's online gallery.

ANALYSE THIS - found and painted papers, acrylics.
 All works are for sale.

This is my first 'solo' online show and , to celebrate, I'm making postage FREE.

Let me know what you think.