Wednesday, November 27, 2013

More from the Jane Davies Workshop

It's been six weeks of hard slog.  You might have guessed, since my posting has been infrequent lately.  Probably the wrong time of year to do a workshop with Xmas breathing down our necks and so much to do in the next few weeks (in between parties).

That said, here are some more of my pieces from the 'Text and Image' workshop.


Text Sampler



Siren To Siren

There'll be more to come soon....I promise

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WORKshop...with Jane Davies

Jane Davies  has me working my butt off...again. I so loved the last online 'Extreme Composition' workshop I did with her that I signed up for Text and Image.

It is making me consider thoughtful ways I should integrate text into my collages.  Hope I'm achieving something here.

From Lesson 1:

Fifty Percent

From Lesson 2:

You're Not Alone

It is a six-week course...and EXCELLENT value.

I will post further exercises soon.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The final 4 x 4s

Have been missing in action because I'm doing another online workshop with JANE DAVIES.....but more about that next post.

ROSEBED ST GALLERY is having it's usual Xmas 'smalls' exhibition in December and my final 3 canvases are done.  The previous ones were posted on October 2, October 11, and October 14 .

This is series 4:  Travel Broadens The Mind

Recent travels to exotic locations have left a jumble indelible impressions. A foreign phrase,  a museum here, a cafe there, perhaps a ticket for a show. 


acrylics,  travel ephemera (tickets, images from brochures, etc.), image transfer(acrylic skins)          

I've loved doing these...and the gallery is a delight.  So it's all good.
Next week some info on my work with Jane....she's an inspiration.