Saturday, January 24, 2015

When is a drawing not a drawing?

Hard to say these days. Most non-artists think a drawing is a linear depiction of something real. In my book, modern drawing is an arrangement of marks forming any image, real OR abstract, using pen, pencil, brush, or any number of instruments or mediums.

Take Jane Davies' "100 Drawings" workshop for instance (and I'm doing just that).  I have gone from this, in Lesson 1...


via this, in Lesson 2... this, in Lesson 3.....

We have used line and shape, black & white and colour, so far.... AND all sorts of mediums including print and collage.  Where will we go from here?  There are seven lessons left, and I suspect that Lesson 10 will seem more like painting to most people.

It is a question that interests anyone entering a drawing prize.  Perhaps the boundaries between drawing and painting have been irrevocably blurred.....and it doesn't matter....or does it?

Friday, January 9, 2015

Back in the saddle again...

...not that I've had such a non-arty time.  I sneak the odd moment in between festivities.

Have been working on collages for the 17th International Collage Exchange.

I tend to move between 'cut and paste' (usually on a painted background).....

The Offering

The Admirer a more 3D technique....


Chained to the past


Las Profundidades (The depths)
....and there's more to come.