Sunday, September 30, 2012

To The Power Of N - Collages


As you can see, I've been collaging again.  Most of you have heard about the Joel Lambeth annual collage challenge called To The Power of N.  I was chosen among twelve international collagists to participate.  We each received identical pieces of paper, with both text and images, and a piece of A4 black mat board.  Our brief is to produce a collage on the board from only the pieces provided.

The twelve pieces we were given are here, back and front:

Looks easy you say?  Not so....that is until I began. I moved papers around for ages looking for something that sparked an idea. Then I found two faces of similar size and thought...'Haha, these could each be part of the other'.  That made me think of the title "Metamorphosis"  which in turn made me think of caterpillars and butterflies.  Some of the other pieces of paper were then turned into origami butterflies.  Hooray... problem solved.

That wasn't enough for I was having all sorts of ideas...and there were so many bits of paper left!...all I needed was a piece of mat board (my stash provided this). True to form I just HAD to do another (as if one wasn't enough).

I Come In Peace
Fun, fun, fun.....thanks Joel.... and I still have bits left.

He's having another challenge called "Carry The One" in which anyone can participate.  If you want to challenge your imagination, try it.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

In The Picture

It's been over a week since I posted but I can truly say I've been spending most of it in the studio.  However it's time to play 'self-portraits' with Urban Muser.

The theme was 'New Perspective'...we were to try something new.  Well, I've taken photos of my hands, feet, reflections, about if I'm not quite there at all?

A Ghost Of My Former Self
Flattering to say the least.

Perhaps I could be watching myself in the mirror...two for the price of one...AND Photoshopped as well.

I've Got My Eye On ..... ME
The whole thing is a little narcissistic I agree, but also challenging.

Everyone has a different take on this theme.  To see them all go to the Urban Muser linky party.  Talk about creative!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Photo Scavenger...the Aussie version

Here I am again, unable to resist doing Rinda's photo scavenger hunt  AGAIN.  My previous scavenger post (17th August) was on holidays in Europe and Singapore.  Now I'm determined to show more of Australia. Some of the photos were a little dreary so  just had to do a little 'tweaking' in Photoshop.

In order of Rinda's list, here goes....

1.  A pier:  This extraordinary pier is at Mandorah Island in Darwin.  We spent a lovely few hours lunching at the pub here.

2. A clothesline:  Of course, my very own clothesline, complete with washing, as viewed through a flannelette's been winter here.

3. A border:  Will a lace border do?


4. A roadside stand selling something:  Well, this is more of a roadside 'sit' (hope it counts).  This guy is turning out spray paintings for sale in Brisbane.

5. A train:  Our friend, Bill, who is driving this train, built it himself in his 'shed' just around the corner from our house. He is part of a model train group that has fun days for children and various charities.

6. A historical Landmark:  The Endeavour River in Cooktown, where Captain James Cook first landed.  It is a great place to spend a few days of R & R, but a long way from anywhere.

7. A person playing a musical instrument:  My clever hubby playing the didgeridoo...or trying to.

8. A person dressed as an angel or a statue of an angel:  I made heaps of these angels, but only kept a few.  They come out each Christmas.

9.  A fountain:  This gorgeous fountain is the centrepiece of the memorial park in my hometown in NSW.

10.  A horse:  There is an abundance of horses in this area, and the local show (or 'fair' for those in the USA) is the place to see them.

11. A shadow:  Me again, in a local park.

12. A maze, labyrith, or trail:  This is the track through our local bush park.  We walk this way almost every morning.

13.  A library:  My front room is called, alternatively, the library or the gallery.  Take your pick.  It is the repository for my paintings on their way to or from exhibitions.

14.  A person playing with a ball:  I took this at a basketball game in my hometown. You can barely see the ball so I just had to show you where it is.

15. Someone dancing:  Friends Di and Jude really getting into 'Nutbush City Limits'.  You rock girls!

16.  A bride:  I just loved this wedding. Vicki and Brenden had a perfect day.

17. A church, chapel, cathedral, or mosque.  Outback churches are just soooo quaint.  That's Richard appearing on the right-hand side.

18.  A movie poster:  The Sapphires is an Aussie film showing everywhere now.  It's about an aboriginal group of girls who sang for the troops in Vietnam.

19. An outdoor stairway:  Does a stairway from the beach fit this one?

20. A swing, or hammock, hanging from a tree: A new neighbour conveniently just put one up.

21. A picture of you standing with something that symbolises your nation:  The flag fits the bill perfectly.

I guess that's a summary of my life.  Well, some of it anyway.

Many thanks to Rinda for the's been fun.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

When Pears Are Blue

That's is the alternative title for my latest COMA entry.

30 x 30 cm , acrylics on gallery-wrapped canvas
The theme was 'food', to celebrate the productivity of the region, and the local Food and Wine Festival.

I have always attributed human traits to pears.  They just have that shape.  A group of pears will often appear to interract with each other, rather like a group of people.  Sometimes they can be quite aggressive…but not these two.

During the pear season I like to place them in little groups, holding imagined conversations.  The only problem with this is that I have to break the groups up when I want to eat one.

I really love their shape and, when I was making pots, most of my work reflected that.

Raku fired ceramic

raku fired ceramic
I miss those pots, but I sold every one I made.  Unfortunately, age has caught up with me and, these days, I'm over carrying heavy bags of clay around.  I prefer to dabble in paint and paper. 

To see all the paintings in the COMA show visit Ken Munsie (our organiser and illustrious leader).  I thought mine looked good UNTIL I saw all the others.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Now that's a phrase that evokes a wild and wonderful winging of work worldwide, (Sorry, I couldn't resist), and so it is.

Kat Sloma has organised her annual exchange of postcards and I have been the fortunate recipent of the following:

Lori Moon -
Bo Mackison -
Polly Johnson from Illinois - sorry, no link
Lynn Richards -
Justine Gordon -
The sentiments expresed on the back were all inspiring too, particularly Lynn Richards'...'I just want to make beautiful things - even if no one cares'

I should have one from Kat also, but don't seem to.  Either I've misplaced it, or it hasn't arrived yet.  I'm so muddle-headed lately.  If it turns up I'll add it later.

Kat is a wonderful photographer and so her dedicated fans are mostly photographers too, but there are a few artists working in other media who have joined this project.

To see them visit

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Personal Victory

Di, me, and Richard... at the finish line
Somebody said..."Let's do the Bridge to Brisbane this year!".  It's never occurred to Richard and I, both in our late 60s (and never particularly 'sporty') to participate in this annual charity run, either the Sydney 'City To Surf' or the Brisbane event.  However we agreed to join the walkers rather than the runners for this 10 km event.

It meant getting out of bed at 2 am to be picked up by Peter and Trish at 3, in the cold and dark.

The group met at the Brisbane Showground to get our numbers etc. (still dark, and freezing!)

We were then shuttled by bus to the start line.

Richard, Peter, and me
There were 60, 000 starters!!!  I've never seen so many people in one place.  Each year they discard their coats etc., and leave them for charity.  Not me, mine went in R's backpack.

It was so well organised.  Along the route were water stations, banks of porta-loos, musicians playing, and other encouraging groups.

Vicki & I join the Channel 9 cheer squad
Vicki, Brenden, and me
The cups were discarded along the way...they should have rubbish bins!

Vicki and Brenden, newlyweds, found each kilometre a reason to celebrate.

Had to have a group photo at the halfway mark.

Trish (Peter behind), Tony, Nelly, Brenden, Vicki, Di, Richard (me behind), Jude, and Lee
Richard and I had no trouble keeping up with the 'kids' (all 20 years younger), perhaps because we walk each day.

It was fun, all for an excellent cause (Kids Helpline), the weather was perfect, and 'maybe' we'll do it again next year.... but only if someone ELSE suggests it.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


This title comes from one of my favourite bloggers, Eric Adama.  His work is minimalist, he LOVES blue, and he always manages to choose his titles perfectly.

Recently he put out a call for other artists to submit works based on the colour blue, so that he could post a collection.

My submission 'Night Falls' was included.

You can see more of the submissions HERE.

Until this time I didn't realize how often I use blue.  There are so many more....

BIG CITY BLUES, acrylics on canvas, 90 x 30 cm, SOLD

REACH, small mixed media on paper.

I CAN JUMP RIVERS, acrylics on paper, SOLD

WHALE WATCHING, 90 x 90 cm, acrylics on canvas, SOLD

THE BRIDGE, 10 x 10 cm, acrylics on paper
UNDER A CLOUD, collage, 12.5 x 17.5 cm

...... I could go on for MUCH longer, but that's enough self-promotion.

Hope you like them.