Friday, May 25, 2012

International Collage Exchange

You might remember that the beginning of my year was spent collaging, and collaging some more. Most were intended for the 14th International Collage Exchange, or 'ICE', although I kept some for various reasons.

The twelve I received in exchange came from all over, though mostly the USA. Many were from VERY well established artists, but I am delighted to add all to my collection. Here they are:

Untitled - Dale Copeland, NZ

Going Places - Linda Wood Feldman,  New Hampshire, USA

Golden Times - Julie Cannon, NZ

Another Perspective 4 - Cordula Kagemann, Germany

Untitled - Adelia Chuburu, Florida USA

Which Way? - Claire Marcus, Massachusetts USA

Marie's Dress Shop - Elissa Gordon , Akansa USA

Inner City - Louise Stern, NY USA

Letter to E E - John Sager, Texas USA

Generalities - Joan Schulze, USA

Do We Have Time For Ideals? - Elaine Johnson, Canada
(sorry no link)

Oval 3 - Valerie Arntzen, BC, Canada
I also bought the following one, before I knew that I already had one of Elaine's in the swap. Not that it would have made any difference as I LOVE the way she has used the inside of business envelopes to construct this.

Cock Of The Walk - Elaine Johnson
Perhaps these will inspire any collagists out there in blogland to sign up for next year.  Go on.... I dare you.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

In The Picture - May Theme

My monthly photographic challenge for In The Picture is 'big world, tiny you'. and as always it makes me think about my camera use.  I'm no star, and my methods are crude, but there's always PhotoShop.

In My Garden
Thank heavens for cameras with a delay.  I set mine up with a 10 sec delay then hurtled down the back garden and tried to look 'composed'.  This is actually the view from my studio, but hey... shouldn't I be looking at my easel/workbench?

I did take several shots including the following. PhotoShopped of course.

'Becoming' the garden
Rather like the thought that the garden and I are 'one'.

For info on this photographic challenge see Urban Muser... and why don't you join up?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You Lose Some.......You Win Some.....

A lot happens in two days.  After my previous post about rejection, I have sold a work and been selected as a finalist in a very prestigious award exhibition.  It just goes to show....never give up.

TORSO - sold
This sold at the annual Immanuel Arts Festival.  I enter every year, have sold something most years, and won a prize once.

The following was an unsuccessful painting from The Ekka (The Royal Queensland Show) that, after no success there, was reworked.  I often do this.  When a painting fails to achieve there is usually room for improvement.  It is part of my learning and improving process.

STAIRWAY TO PARADISE - 60 x 60 cm acrylics on canvas
The painting is a finalist in this year's Lethbridge 10000.  I couldn't be more delighted if I tried...  right on top of my SCAP rejection too.  Both prizes attract artists from all over the country, so my work will be hanging among the best.  If it looks OK, I know I'm on the right track.

Wish me luck O loyal followers... I know you are right behind me.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


It is part of an artist's lot to be rejected every so often. You could say it's character-building, but mostly it's just disappointing. However, when I enter a really prestigious show, such as the Sunshine Coast Art Prize, that attracts professional artists from all over the country it is only to be expected.  They receive hundreds of entries from which only 40 are chosen. It wont stop me from trying every year tho'.

The Patterned Landscape - Landsborough Farms
90 x 90 cm acrylics on canvas
I had to submit, by email, three works from which the panel would choose one (if selected as a finalist).  I had hoped the above would pass muster, submitted with the two below.

The Passage II
90 x 90 cm acrylics on canvas

Arley Farm
60 x 60 cm acrylics on canvas
Bad luck this time, but I always believe that my next painting will be my best.

These works are part of an ongoing fascination with aerial perpective.  My next ones will probably get a little more abstract as that's the way I'm heading.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Letter A Week - May

Time is flying and if I don't post this today I never will. I thought that, when we retired, life would slow down.  How wrong I was!  I've never been so busy in my life.

A Letter A Week is on the home run for the first of our two alphabets, and here's my May effort.

Next month I will need six letters AND have to present them all as an exhibitable piece.

Thinking cap on......

Thursday, May 3, 2012


It might seem that I am doing little else other than photography lately... feels like that to me. Despite appearances tho' I am still working away, whenever I get the chance, with brush in hand... or other implements like fingers, sticks, chook feathers, grout spreaders,  etc.

Have a few works 'in progress'.  Often I find it easier to give them a title than finish them.

SIGNS OF THE TIMES - acrylic and enamel on canvas 45 x 45 cm

My object with this work was to give the feeling of people disappearing into the background, overwhelmed by an assortment of  meaningless signs (my comment on advertising).  The wonderful crackle is a reaction between the acrylics and the acrylic enamel (housepaint).  This, to me, represents the passing of time and, perhaps on a personal level, my aging.  As you age, you seem to disappear. You shrink, your youthfulness erodes, and sales assistants ignore you.

Maybe it sounds gloomy, but hey, what about the colour?  Warm, optimistic, slightly subdued.... just like me. LOL (I can hear you people who really know me, giggling).

Next we have a depiction of my post on March 1st.  It must be finished... I've signed it.

RUST IS THE NEW BLACK - 30 x 30cm mixed media on canvas

This includes rust-dyed fabric, odd rusty bits of metal that I got at the recycling depot, and acrylic paint.  I wanted a 'graffiti on old walls' feel.  Did I get it?

Of course, I occasionally revert to old habits, artistically speaking, and you might recognise the subject of the following work that is actually on the easel.

At the moment it is simply underpainting and will undoubtedly change enormously before the signature goes on, but you get the picture.  Poor creature patiently waiting for... something?... rain perhaps, although we are getting plenty of that at present.

As you can see my easel has been well used.  Hope that continues.