Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mail Art - for me, and YOU

A RAK postcard from the talented Terrie Purkey
Mail Art has become a part of my life this year.  There are several bloggers out there who host various art swaps, some of which I can't resist....AND there are the thoughtful and kind blogging friends who just send me stuff, like the above.

La Wendula often hosts 'Paper' swaps.  This requires you to register with her for each swap, she selects a partner for you, and you exchange various themed papers useful for collages and other art works.  This month's swap is called 'Yummy Papers"  ....food wraps, recipes, menus etc.  I'm collecting all sorts of stuff.

Papers I received in a 'painted papers swap.

Karen Isaacson is also a serial mail art swapper.  She hosts swaps every month from her blog "Mail Me Some Art'  Bookmarks, ATCs, Postcards...you name it she'll organise a trade.

Bookmarks received from  Chris Miser, Rita Bellanca, and Lorna Sommer

I've taken to ATCs with a vengeance, and belong to several online groups that not only trade but also have challenges, two of which I've won recently.  YAY!...this meant a letterbox FULL of goodies...art-related of course.







ATCs For All sent me some fab stuff as a prize...Sakura micron pens, ATC blanks etc.

My fondness for ATCs led to an an amazingly coincidental trade last week.  I had my neighbours over for drinks and brought out my ATC album to show them.  It turns out that Kamali, from across the road, has just begun to trade also. We traded a couple of cards, and I was knocked out by her 'Oriental' ATC.

...lucky me.

All that said, this is my 200th post.  Who'd have thought. Sooooo... it's GIVEAWAY time.  This time I'll get R to choose from a hat or something.  Last time he chose on merit he was far too anxious about it.

I will have two prizes, and you can nominate which you'd prefer, as some people don't use ephemera in their work.  First out of the hat will win....

'Mint Chocolate' ATC
The next will win an envelope of Australian epemera for use in collages etc.

Just comment for a chance.  We'll draw the winnner in a week.


  1. I love Karen's swaps as well and play as often as I can. I can't wait to try LaWendula's paper swaps - who wouldn't love more pretty papers to create with? I've yet to try ATCs; maybe 2013 is the year for me? I see lots of truly amazing ones out there so maybe it's a chance to experiment in miniature....I'll check out your links on that too. I wonder if being #1 diminishes my chances to win? :)

  2. What fun, I used to make lots of atc's havent made one for ages.

  3. Mail art has been such a great source of pleasure for me this year....some lovely painted paper came from you too.....Oh yes please, whatever makes you happy. xox

  4. I'm doing the yummy paper swap too! and I'd be super happy crazy to get an envelope of Australian ephemera. Happy 200th.

  5. I've bookmarked this for all the wonderful swap possibilities. I'd love to trade ephemera.

  6. Congatulations on your 200th post! And both sound absolutely great

  7. 200! You go girl!
    Choose me, choose me............

  8. congrats on your 200th post Jo! I would love to win your ATC. Perhaps in the coming year I'll start making ATCs again. Thanks for the links!

  9. Congratulations!
    I'd love to win either!

  10. Congrats on your wins Jo, looks like your having alot of fun! Please put me in the draw - yipeee!!!

  11. Hi Jo, have noticed your name on Lawendula's lists but haven't been paired up with you yet (I'm in Melbourne). Congratulations on your 200th posting!

  12. Congratulations on 200 posts! We are clearly involved in a couple of the same swapping communities! I haven't looked into the ATC swaps yet, though I love creating those small-sized works of art about as well as anything. Thank you for the chance to win your giveaway! I have to say, I'd love the Australian ephemera! But I wouldn't mind doing an ATC swap with you at some point, as well.

  13. Do not want to miss the chance to congratulate you on 200 posts AND to thank you for sharing your sunny self and your wonderful artwork and more!

    Here to hundreds and hundreds more posts ... I for one am so very happy to be connected to you here across the miles :)

    Love that ATCs are actually contagious LOL what a great thing to catch!