Wednesday, January 9, 2013


...that's the title of the first online exhibition I'm participating in this year.
My friend, Dale Copeland, who is a very creative assemblage artist, hosts online exhibitions every month on her site at Virtual TART.  This month 56 artists from 8 different countries each have a work displayed.  Some are for sale.

The Secret
I chose  to illustrate a quote from the Buddha using my favourite medium... collage.   I feel so strongly about this quote that I've incorporated many spiritual symbols into the work.

Symbolism of Three :
God’s attributes are three - omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence. 
The three divisions of time are past, present and future.
The sum of all human ability is threefold - thought, word and deed.
The three kingdoms of matter are animal, vegetable or mineral.

Symbolism of Circle:
The Circle is an unbroken line, which has no beginning, no end and no direction. Because of these attributes, The Circle represents a completeness, which encompasses all space and time. It is also a Symbol of perfection and unity.

ymbolism of Square:
The four sides of a square represent:
the four cardinal directions (north, south, east, west),
the four major seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn),
the four cosmic elements (suns, moons, planets, stars),
the four common phases of human life (birth, child, adult, death),
the four prime elements (fire, earth, air, water)...
…and inspiration ....Angelic, Diabolic, Human, Divine

Next month I have the site for my small exhibition "WORDPLAY", and in July the International Collage Exchange will have it's show. 

I love the Exchange and this will be my third year of participation.

Dale has collected works from each Exchange since it's inception, and has had her favourites published in two books.

My collage, following, is on page 58 of the second book.

There's A Zebra In The Flower Patch

If it wasn't for the internet these opportunities would have passed me by.  Hooray for modern technology!


  1. Hi Jo, left a comment but not sure it went through, ah, technology. Love your work as always, thoughtful and evocative. Textural too, whatever is that grass like paper material on the Buddha piece? xox

  2. Jo your Buddha piece is breathtaking and so very peaceful.Thank you for sharing all the symbolism too. Love the composition and color in your zebra collage too.

  3. This post along with your creations are full of extra richness and meaning...I am very taken with your rusty elements (just came across some of my rusty fabrics last night).

    The Buddha quote is just perfect too!
    I bet this will be a wonderful show...

  4. Lovely pieces, Jo! Such complex symbolism in your first collage. Congratulations on these artistic opportunities!

  5. Hi Jo, modern T is wonderful I agree, well done on your participation and dedication! I love there's a zebra in the flower patch. K x

  6. They both look gorgeous

  7. Congratulations Jo on being included in the exhibition. And thank you for sharing more about your inspiration behind this wonderful collage.

  8. So thought provoking! And what divergent, but awesome, color palettes!

  9. Wow...I love your work! Nicely done! I am following you now! Thanks so much for sharing. Very inspirational!

    Aloha from Vicki