Thursday, April 4, 2013

International Collage

The 15th Annual International Collage Exchange is now online at Virtual Tart, NZ, and on the walls at  the Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford, NZ.

A Penance - in the selling exhibition

Unknown - in the collection exhibition
 There is such a variety of wonderful collages in this show, and I am honoured to have the above among them.

Do take the time to browse, you can only be inspired....AND you might consider joining the group next year.

The site is very user friendly.  To see each work individually just click on the thumbnail, then click on the enlarged image to return to the exhibition room.  Start  by clicking HERE.

Have fun.


  1. Your two creations are very powerful. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Lovely pieces.... and of course the rusty bits are a bonus. Thanks for the link Jo.

  3. These are truly wonderful works of art! Very moving!

  4. These are truly wonderful works of art! Very moving!

  5. I adore that first piece Jo and the second is so moving....good luck in selling them. xox

  6. what a bounty of beauty over at the exhibit website. thanks for the link!

  7. Wow Jo, you're right! So many inspiring collages, including both of yours.

  8. Your art always inspires me. I LOVE RUST, and that first collage really spoke to me. I like both, but of course, A Penance is my favorite. Now I'm off to check out the rest of the collages.

  9. off to check out the link
    I am very drawn to A Penance

  10. I love what you have done in Jane's class so far. Beautiful!
    We will want to see more.