Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Workshop Participants

I did promise to show some of the other artists in Jane Davies' workshop, and here they are......

Liz Thoreson
Linda Coppens
Liz  Thoresen

Marcia Vogler

Joanne S.
Dorothy Wheeler
This is only a sample of some of the class members.  There were many more worthy pieces, so almost impossible to choose a few to show you.

Each person had his/her own style, but all blossomed under Jane's instruction.  Later in the year I might have to do another class.


  1. Nice work all, I always love to see how different everyone's work is. Thanks for sharing. xox

  2. It's wonderful that each person style still shows in their work. It's just so easy to become a copy-cat. Obviously Jane is a great teacher to pass on her knowledge without controlling the artist's ways.

  3. thanks for sharing these gorgeous projects Jo! I hope Jane will keep her online class going because I'd love to take this later in the year(when it gets cold and I want to stay in :)

  4. These are all so different and none look "just like Jane's" work - beautiful pieces, all!

  5. Hi Jo, the first painting is mine not Manon's. :)

  6. Thanks so much for correcting it Jo. You had SO many paintings from which to choose...

  7. Oh, wow. what a great workshop this must be.

  8. Jo, I went to Jane's online workshop offerings, and only one of them has started. Does that mean I would have to wait for the next composition course? I thought her workshops were worked at our own pace? she must take them down after they're over, and take a break.

    I'm just confirming that this is correct?