Friday, July 12, 2013


Seems like I'm having an ATC moment...or several.  As you know I just LOVE collaging...but what to do with them all.  Aha...make them tiny, and TRADE.  So, here are a few that I've parted with recently.

Half Hidden - went to South Africa

Oriental Moon - went to a friend in QLD

Rainforest - went to Florida, USA

Houston We Have Lift Off - went to Chicago, USA

Acid Free - went to New Hampshire, USA

Moon Over The Battlements - went to Pennsylvania, USA

To Life - went to Guatemala

The Blue Vase - went to the Gold Coast, QLD

Across The Desert - went to Bulgaria

Bean - went to Germany

My Home Is My Castle - went to The Netherlands I chucked in a couple of painted ones...just to keep you interested.  As you can see my trading world is HUGE...and that's just part of it.

It's time consuming, but FUN.  It's also a way to keep on playing with art when the market for paintings is so slow.  There are only so many paintings will fit under the bed.

Perhaps my next venture will be selling paintings online.  Have to sort out whether I want to pack and post first.


  1. you are so talented in multi styles Jo! They're all great and what fun to have them go all over the world !

  2. Marvelous ATC's these are just great Jo. xox

  3. As I scrolled down I'd think Ooo, I like that one, no I like this one better, no, this is the best.....what a great variety of styles and techniques and colors, etc. I've been toying with the idea of making ATC to trade, but haven't quite moved into the actual exploring of how to do that. I think you shared some sites just recently so I'm going to check them out. Are all these folks people you met swapping?

  4. I love Audrey and Houston Lifting Off, plus the last one.
    What great little pieces of art.

  5. Little pieces of you all over the globe! How cool is that

  6. how cool Jo, your always creative and thinking outside the box!

  7. It must be a good feeling knowing that so many Jo Murrays are flitting all over the world. Regarding packing and posting, it seems daunting at first but once you've done one or two you wonder why you didn't do it sooner. I have to fumigate and pack wooden pieces which can be complicated but finding the right freight company makes all the difference.

  8. You have quite a talent for small-sized art, Jo! I would love to trade ATCs with you at some point. Let me know!

  9. I have to say, you have inspired me with your collage art. Collage always jump starts creativity for me and I've become mildy addicted. :)
    My favs are "Half Hidden" and "the blue vase". love your little paintings.

  10. JM - a lot of fun and folk must love receiving these. B

  11. Your fun cards are traveling the great is that!

    Very dramatic blog header and you changed your icon too = The Thinker ♥

  12. Your collaged ATCs are great fun. I love collage, too. I am totally envious having seen that pink and orange painting in your latest post - wonderful! Best wishes from Rhineland, Valerie

  13. It would be so cool if you could sell your paintings online!

    These are great. And they give me a great idea for getting my 365 collage project back off the ground. I have been amassing a huge puffy stack of collages, and trading them this way is a great idea. (actually, gifting them!)

    I knew you had some painting mixed in there. Very tricky.

  14. btw, sorry to be so long between visits. I have the worst time management. It's gone before it gets here. Thus, lots of comments because I can't just look at what you've been doing and keep my mouth shut!