Monday, December 2, 2013

Jane Davies Workshop - wrap up

It's been six weeks of Xmas has been on hold until now.  Jane's workshop was such fun, and I got to use a few techniques I haven't spent much time on before, altering images, image transfer etc.

My last couple of lessons produced these (among others that need some more work):



 The final lesson was to use what we'd learned to make a series of related works where the text and image were connected.

I chose to do a series based on old Chinese propaganda posters, with the text from western songs. A juxtaposition of the serious, and the frivolous.  My favourite thing.


It was fun, and gave me lots of ideas for next year's International Collage Exchange.


  1. Oh I really like your Chinese propaganda posters. They are so interesting!

  2. Terrific variety of great collages Jo, Annette x

  3. Holy moly! My faves are BBQ and Salt Water - lovely composition and use of color on both. Your series cracks me up - what a great combo of images/text. You came up with the perfect lyrics......

  4. My fave is "saltwater" but your propaganda posters are pure FUN!!

  5. I agree with Linda ... those colors always grab me...
    Your collages are all fabulous Jo!
    your propaganda series makes me smile :)

  6. You know me, I love the frivolous up against the serious, too!! Fantastic series!! I would love to take some image transfer classes as well. Maybe in January. :)

  7. great juxtaposition of the songs vs the images. (and now these tunes are on a loop in my head)

  8. Your wry sense of humor really shines through in these! I love them!

  9. Jo.

    I really like your style--these are wonderful collage pieces.

    (I'm just going to say it--I make stuff, and enjoy doing so, but it's not always art. I know it, and that's okay. But this, to me, is art.)


  10. I've been totally MIA online in the last week. But I did see your bloglovin photos showing up. You did a marvelous job at the class. You are a collage natural in my book anyhow Jo. Love the cow and all your pieces. xox

  11. These collages look fun! It sounds like a great workshop. :)

  12. I can see you had fun and I would say we all enjoyed seeing your collages.

  13. It's hard to believe it's been so long since I visited. I am now caught up, and loved all the things you learned in Jane's class. I suspect it is a bad time to take a six week workshop, but I can tell you learned a lot, or at least got a great refresher. That final assignment is MAGICAL. What marvelous songs you chose to go with the propaganda pictures. They are superbly done. Just goes to show how your creative mind works!

  14. Hi JM - you have such amazing tenacity - 6 long weeks - well done you. I like the imagery in the first three. Hope the Rosebed exit ion and sales are going well. B

  15. Your collages are really strong, Jo, and so full of fun. They make me think and laugh at the same time- which might too much for my brain! Fabulous!

  16. Dear Jo,
    Warm Christmas wishes to you and yours! Health, Happiness and may all of your dreams come true for 2014!


  17. You have got a gift for using the color red, woman. These are wonderful. I know what you mean about juxtaposing the frivolous and serious. But the red is what I will remember the most.

    The first one with bossy is my favorite, though.

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