Friday, February 14, 2014

On The Easel

Where is the time going?  I've been distracted from my blog by domestic happenings, and only managed to find a few moments here and there in peace and quiet.

I've been working on a larger collage (for me) and am up to the 'tweaking' stage...the hardest bit.  Should I or shouldn't I? That is the question that confronts us all at some stage.

The collage is 14" x 14", made of painted papers, acrylics, crayon, teabags, and distressed magazine pages.

Do I press on...or stop?

Of course the next question is, what do I call it?  Transfigured?  Lot's Wife?  The Moon Is Down?  All these have crossed my mind...but I'm open to suggestion.

Meanwhile nothing terribly important will be happening in my studio until all these chattering workman depart.  I do like a little quiet when I'm thinking.


  1. Beautiful collage, Jo! It looks musical to me. Moonlight Symphony..... or sonata... or concerto

  2. Good recipe!!! I'm tempted to say stop - but your gut has to tell you - as often I see what some of your mentors do and am amazed at the end result!! Fingers crossed - i'll watch this space - have a good weekend!!

  3. I ike it, actually I like it a lot, cant help with a title, though.

  4. This looks fantastic! Lots of energy. I'm sure the title will come to you soon. :)

  5. fantastic collage Jo! I love it as it is but only you can say if and when it's finished. Trust your instincts. I like the title "Transfigured". Happy Valentine's Day :)

  6. As I looked closely, it felt musical to me. Then I come here to leave you a comment and the first comment saw the same thing! Something about the movement of the pieces and the complexity of layers. It's a fab piece and the right thing will pop into your head. What's a complex style of music?

    I have absolutely NO plans this weekend, no commitments, no activities, SO I'll be collaging too - pulling my pieces together for the show.....

  7. Beautiful piece, such intriguing patterns and colours. Choosing a name is one of the biggest challenges for me

  8. Love it. Love the movement. Naming is one of the most fun parts for me. I like to think juxtaposition like in the piece. Is there such a thing as Moon Transfigured, or Lot's Moon, or Sonata in Brown LOL. I also like to listen to song lyrics. I nearly always come away with a title. Lot's of Luck.

  9. I wondered where you have been? Call it what feels right in the least that's what I do, or call it nothing at all......xox

  10. WOW I cannot help always come up with perfect titles...I bet you'll wake up one morning and know exactly what it should be Jo!
    Exciting to be this far along in your process...
    I sometimes look at things upside down when wondering if it needs a little something else...
    also seeing a piece on the computer screen gives a little different perspective as well!

    Thank you for your visit to my Magpie's Nest...
    I too have been away from the computer with a change of scenery lately


  11. Jo this is stunning. And I have no idea what to suggest as a title, but to me it looks like a collection of musical instruments and the sounds they make. Lovely!