Saturday, June 21, 2014

Busy...but isn't everyone?

I've had a mad week, and it'll get a little madder as I've signed up for TWO online workshops. The first is a six-week class with Laura Lein-Svencner, one of my very favourite American collagists.

Leaning Towards Tomorrow - Laura Lein-Svencner

Oldfield Oaks - Laura Lein-Svencner

Don't you just LOVE her work.  At the moment I'm doing the first week of basic collage design, but expect to see all sorts of interesting stuff from me soon.

My other class is only a week long, but an intensive mixed-media class with Carla Sonheim called 'Imaginary Creatures'. 

Imaginary Creatures - Carla Sonheim

Tape Creature - Carla Sonheim.
This girl really knows how to have FUN!  I have two of her books...both perfect for taking on holidays.  I LOVE 'The Art Of Silliness'.  To quote: "Fully interactive and illustrated with Carla’s charming drawings throughout, The Art of Silliness will delight the child in everyone."....and it does.  It includes fun and creative drawing exercises that make you smile.
So...I'm going from the sublime to the gor'blimey as they say.  It's good to have balance.
Speaking of win some, you lose some.  At the moment I'm winning!  Just won the $1000 Open Prize at the Lions Art For Leukaemia show, for my painting 'Firefront' supply shop here I come!


  1. Oh very exciting on all counts Jo!
    Congrats on that fat bit of pocket money for your painting prize too!!!
    It will be fun to see the fruits of your class labors/fun!

  2. sounds interesting Jo, can't wait to see the result of these workshops.... enjoy!! ..e^)

  3. Congrats on the win, the courses, and always trying new things. I admire that in you, Jo!

  4. A huge congrats on one big prize Jo! And both of those workshops look wonderful. Cannot wait to see the evidence.

  5. Talk about all in! You jump with both feet! Look forward to your creations

  6. Congrats on your fantastic win Jo!!! Those collages are amazing I must look into the link. I've almost picked up one of Carla's books several times and perhaps I need to get one to take along(with some supplies of course) on my beach vacation in Aug. Looking forward to seeing what you create from your classes.

  7. Fantastic, I loved that painting....and I am sure you can find a way to spend those lovely winnings. xox

  8. It is a stunning painting so I'm glad you won a prize for it - good on you! I'm jealous of your classes - I also have a book by Carla and love her wacky view of the world.....more, her unstructured way of creating art. I'm not familiar with the other artist so I'm to visit her site - I love the pieces you shared here so will certainly bookmark her classes for a future splurge.

  9. Wow, talk about diverse. Laura's collages are wonderful, but I bet yours will be equally so when you start showing them. And Carla's tape creature really struck a chord with me. I can't draw, but maybe I can create a tape creature. Such inspiration.

    Congratulations on your win. You are definitely deserving of it. It's a fantastic painting.

    Now, to thank you beyond belief for visiting me, even when I an often so busy, I don't know which way is up. You have NO idea how much your continued support and encouragement means to me, even when I don't take time to let you know. Or at least don't let you know very promptly. Thank you beyond belief.

  10. I agree with E above, you are taking such diverse classes, but I will bet that they will balance themselves out nicely! Been spending lots of time at the pool, now that it is hot and imagining that you are experiencing winter by now? Enjoy each class minute!

  11. i've also taken a class from Carla Sonheim! you will love it. have fun with these classes! xo

  12. Thanks for the link to Laura's page. I wasn't familiar with her, but I love her work, and it looks like there's lots of great content to explore on her blog! Looking forward to seeing what you create as a result of your classes.