Friday, June 13, 2014

Seth's Buried Treasure Hunt

Every so often the ultra nice (and talented) guy, Seth Apter, requests of his followers that they dig deep into their blog archives for some 'Buried Treasure'. Mine comes from my first year of blogging.  I sometimes forget how much I like taking photos, and digging for treasure reminded me.

From December 7, 2011:

While I am a painter, and former potter, I take many photos wherever I go. These are often inspiration for future work. 

I don't profess to be an expert with the camera but, occasionally, an image grabs me enough to want to share.

This appealed to my patriotism on Australia Day.  I did ask permission to take the photo.

City reflections are always fascinating.  Perhaps it will inspire an abstract painting?

Up close and personal at Dubbo Zoo.  Those teeth are really dangerous!

A friend's two granddaughters looking at images on a camera. I just loved the obvious connection between them, and the way they are totally absorbed.

What Americans call a carnival we call a show... and who doesn't love one.... all that colour!

We walk each morning past this pond with its abundance of birdlife.

These are called 'bridal veil' funghi, and grow occasionally below my mango tree.

It is absolutely necessary for me to occasionally have a 'city fix' where I can be found ogling clothes I will never wear, and trying on shoes that will never see the inside of my cupboard.

Sunset is a magical time.  This one is from my deck...

... and THIS (my pick of the year) is in the famous Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

It would be possible to go on, and on, and on but hey, enough is enough right?


  1. these are indeed treasures, and I thank you for sharing your inspirations

  2. Fabulous photos, Jo!
    I can see why you find inspiration in these images!!
    Wonderful Buried Treasure!
    All the best,
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  3. Love your buried treasure Jo. I have to say the hippo's teeth and those mushrooms were my faves. xox

  4. Actually I was hoping you wouldn't stop Jo!
    Fabulous photos...each one a definite treasure...
    glad you unburied them for us to enjoy!

  5. what a fun mix of photos - great variety & colors

  6. Jo,
    What fabulous photos! You definitely have the eye for images that are striking as well as inspiring! although my favorite is absolutely the last, I really love the Fungi, the hair,the lil girls,well, I think all of them equally!! heehee
    Thanks for sharing your Buried Treasures!

  7. I'm with Patty. Enough is never enough when it comes to your photos. Each year I eagerly wait for the summer challenge (I forget the host and name of challenge) that includes prompts and photo. This year I think I'll get two chances to see your lovely photo art.

    If I were told I HAD to pick a favorite, there's no way I could choose. They are each beautiful in their own right, and they are very diverse. You make composition look easy! Thanks for giving us your take on buried treasure.

  8. All of your buried treasure are gorgous, Jo. Thanks for sharing!

    Gaby xo

  9. great collection of photos Jo! I do agree the city reflections shot would make for a great abstract painting.

  10. I love the hippo and the last photo is great! Eric

  11. Cameras were the best invention ever and digital even better because it doesn't cost anything to experiment. With experimenting, we become less cautious of our images and manage to capture more really good ones. These are all so good and so appealing. I love the wide range of topics - showing you really do take your camera everywhere! I can see why that last one is your fave - it's stunning!

  12. Some beautiful images in your buried treasure. I especially like the hippo and the girls looking at the camera. I do keep coming back to photography, no matter how many other types of art I do.

  13. enough is enough only when considering the memory needed to store so many pics on one's blog! these are just stunning and lovely to see your interesting and diverse shots!

  14. Never heard or nor seen the bridal veil fungi.... what beauties! That hippo is nothing like the dancing ones from Disney!
    You are a talented photographer with a good eye for detail.