Saturday, August 2, 2014


Each year, in the US summer, Rinda of Gallo Organico has a photo scavenger hunt challenge. This really appeals to me, as some of the necessary 'finds' are quite quirky.  Usually we are on holidays somewhere interesting, but this year we are at home.   It has been an opportunity to look at my surroundings with new eyes.

Here's this year's list...and my finds :

1. A sign welcoming people to your home town (or a nearby town)

The CALOUNDRA sign is in the centre of a roundabout on the highway into our city. While it doesn't actually say welcome, it is the welcoming indication that you have entered the city's perimeter.

2. A garden gnome

I found this little chappie in the grounds of a local pre-school. Well-worn, and worn well.

3. Birds on a wire

This was easy-peasy.  We walk every morning and there are always birds on wires.  They often remind me of musical notes.

4. A group of tourists

Tourists are a part of life here.  We have a fabulous coastline that attracts visitors from all over.

5. A rack of post cards

Kangaroos, koalas, beach scenes...that's what this place is all about.....the lucky country.

6. An urban street scene

Warm nights mean al fresco dining in a beachside suburb.

7. A rural landscape

The hinterland is ten minutes away. From these hills the views to the coast are fabulous.

8. A tattoo on a person

I was watching henna tattooing at a local fair.  This photo replaced one I had of a 'real' tattoo.  The real one was on the thigh of a young friend and is the names of her much-loved children.

9. A bakery

An assistant with 'L' plates!  What next?

10. A photo bomb (someone found lurking in the background of photo; the lurker may have intended to disrupt the picture or may be doing it unintentionally, but the background lurker is a surprise to the photographer)

I wanted Brenden to wear the chandelier as a hat, and was oblivious to his wife hiding behind him.  Believe it or not!

11. A horn

Well, they ARE horns.

12. A mascot

Not being a great sports follower I despaired of getting this one.  Eventually, while browsing around an op shop (as one does), I found a pack of playing cards with our mascot (Matilda) from the 1982 Commonwealth Games on the back. Needless to say it is now part of my 'stash'.

13. A sunrise

The view from our barbecue deck VERY early one recent morning.

14. A parade

Parades are relatively hard to come by in Australia. I thought this parade of cattle came close.

15. A juggler

While dining in a restaurant near a park I saw this young man juggling various things.  It's the only juggler I've seen. Leaving my meal, and to the astonishment of other diners, I grabbed my camera and hurtled off to the park to accost him.  He was very obliging, and I returned to enjoy my excellent meal.

16. A sign in a language other than English

The window of a local Japanese restaurant was the only one I could find.

17. A lamp post

This is the promenade along one of our magnificent local beaches.  It must've been cold that day as there's not a soul in sight.

18. A waterfall

A man-made waterfall is at the entrance to a local resort.

19. A public garden

These days all our newly developed suburbs include wonderful walkways and gardens.  We visit this one quite regularly on our morning walk.

20. A bus (not a car, truck, lorry, camper or RV) with a picture painted on its sides.

A dash of patriotism....a bus with our flag.  I'm still looking for a more fascinating picture.

21. A photograph of you with something representing the season

This 'beanie' and pashmina only come out of the cupboard in winter.  It's quite cold early in the morning (walking time), but by 9-9.30 am almost warm enough to swim.

The following photo is specially for Rinda.  One of the things we had to find LAST YEAR was a cloud in the shape of something. I had such a difficult time finding one and this year they are everywhere. 

This one is unmistakable:

...a running obvious!

It's been fun...thanks Rinda....see you next year.


  1. Love these, especially the running man, and your tale of the juggler. we are here on the Gold Coast but not much hope of getting up your way this year much as I would love to Jill is only 2 weeks from having her knee replacement and although doing incredibly well it is asking too much to pinch her car for a day or for her to go that far with us. Maybe next year.

  2. OH Jo!
    Brilliant look at your charmed surroundings...
    you have it all going on with gorgeous coastline AND rolling hills!
    Lucky Country indeed...
    the Henna pic...your juggler and photo bombing oh heck
    each photo is worth more than one look!
    Your running man cloud is truly that.
    Well done you!

  3. Love your running man....even though he's a year late!!

  4. What a fantastic collection you have here Jo. Love that hat :)

  5. That cloud is AMAZING. The horn is just the type I went to find on the girls old go-kart just to find it was no longer there! I see I am not alone with a parade of cattle!

  6. great collection. Amazing cloud! Beautiful rural landscape and lovely parade of cows!

  7. Great job Jo in finding the prompts. My favorite is you in your beanie and the pink. xox

  8. What a great collection. It gives such a great feel for your country. I think your self portrait is my favorite. Thanks for playing along and linking up.

  9. Thanks for sharing again this year. I remember last year and you were traveling so had some great non-touristy tourist photos. I just clicked through to Rinda's site and see that you actually have to mid-Sept to complete the hunt so think I might just jump in. I took my sunrise photo yesterday, so I'm on my way :) Some of those seem kinda hard, but that's the challenge I guess.....thanks for this connection forcing me to reconnect with my camera!

  10. Love seeing photos of the "other" season! You have a fabulous collection, but that top-down selfie is the bomb!

  11. Is this not wonderful?! What a great collection. I love that beanie!

  12. My faves are the running man cloud and the light post, which is so carefully designed. But this Oregon coaster REALLY wants to know, what is an "op shop?"

  13. I love the cloud - I have found the same with the clouds :0)
    Love the chandelier shot and the L plates. Well done.

  14. Wow Jo, I've just started and you are already finished! Good for you. How awesome. I was really impressed with the juggler and the parade. Very impressive interpretation of the parade and the mascot. These have given me added courage to fulfill my 21 photos.

  15. This was fun to read! Love the cow parade and running man, especially.

  16. Wow - I can't believe you were able to find all of those things! I seriously doubt I could have found a juggler or a parade anywhere! Fun post!

  17. Jo, you always seem to find the most interesting and fun projects to participate in, and I love your sense of adventure! You're adorable, I love the cloud runner... K x

  18. Funny how we keep seeing last year's items! Love the cloud

  19. Wow you have done well. I am impressed. That running man cloud is a great shot even if it was from last year :-) Diane

  20. The henna tattoo is really neat! I hadn't thought of that. Those can be very pretty. So, I guess it's winter in your neck of the woods. Just seeing you in those warm clothes makes me hot...

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