Saturday, December 13, 2014

When you give, you receive.

The great thing about trading ATCs is that for every one you make you get one in return.  As a result I have a growing collection of mini-art pieces from all over the world....but mostly the USA.

Cathy Calamas (USA) is one of my favourite traders.

An 'eyes' theme resulted in the following:

From Noora Jarvela, Finland.

From Debra Claxton, USA

Using postage stamp heads is such fun, and results in some very amusing cards.

From Barb Adams, USA

From Marion Bockelmann, Germany

Two Heads - by Corrine Gilman ,USA

Of course not all are collaged, tho' I'm a bit of a collage 'freak'.

Homage to Jasper Johns by Laura Mahutchin, USA

Beautifully drawn and painted by Debra Claxton, USA

Halloween produced some interesting cards:

From Eileen Kirkban, USA

From Mary Szymanski , USA

These are but a tiny fraction of my gallery of mini-art from all over the globe.  The best part is that I get to correspond with these clever people, and exchange ideas and inspiration.


  1. How bout I make you a special collage maybe another golden goose in the making....and we can trade another. Email me your address. Not sure I have it? I think all our swaps came through Karen. xox

  2. How cute and creative are these cards! Fantastic collection!

  3. Hi JM - you must bee developing quite a stash of works - we have created a wall of small things for our small 2D works. How are you display yours? Happy creating. B

  4. Aww thank you, Jo! You are one of my favorite traders as well. I am actually packaging up your "alien" atc to mail out to you today. "Resistance is futile". :)

  5. You've promoted ATC trading before and I've bookmarked sites and visited your trading partners and vowed to join in the fun.......and then don't. I think this might become my 2015 "new" thing to focus on. I have a few started on my desk that have been there for months. Somehow I find that designation "little piece of art" more intimidating than making a postcard which is also a little piece of art. Hmmmm - my brain works in mysterious ways. These cards show such a wide range of creativity - your collection must be delightful! How do you store/display them?

  6. I just wanted to send along some wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  7. Wow, nice cards. Swopping ATCs is like getting a Christmas gift any time of the year. Happy holidays !

  8. Fun assortment of cards you have there Jo from all around the globe!

  9. Wonderful! I've had trouble getting the postage stamp heads to work for me. These are all great.