Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Well, my ten week commitment of 100 pieces is almost at an end. If I thought the previous 8 lessons were a stretch, number 9 has been a real struggle.  Using lots of layering, and varying techniques, we were to come up with a monochromatic piece with 20% of 'something else'.  This might seem to be a simple instruction... but I found it quite difficult.

I tried to keep each of the quadrants different too.  This has lots of they mostly do.

This one has fewer layers than the others. The black and white, with gestural brushstroke is definitely more 'me'.  The background is torn text painted over with a greenish white.

It was fortuitous that I had this collage piece hiding among my painted papers.  Lots of modelling paste gives great texture.

A very 'me' piece... tea-bag, stained muslin, and keyboard bits on a multi-layered background.

It is interesting that, by now, I am finding I can use my own 'voice' in these exercises. For a while I was trying to mimic Jane.

Next week will no doubt be the 'lesson to end all lessons' more ways than one.

I can highly recommend this online workshop, or indeed any of Jane's.  She is a dedicated and serious tutor.

For more info visit Jane Davies.  You'll find it worth your while, if only to see her wonderful work.


  1. You picked my favorite pieces to share here! I love the texture of the first one and all the drips. FAB! And, you're right - these all 'feel like you' and I definitely see your style in them. My efforts, not so much. Maybe it's because I have a less defined style than you. But I'm getting there. I'm seeing shapes, colors, linework that I repeat and am often using/drawn to. I guess that's the biggest value in these classes for me - the consistent volume which is helping me find my voice.

  2. They are great and definitely have a unique feel to them!

  3. I find these very interesting Jo, It will be interesting to see what changes, if any, result after this course, definitely your style is coming through this week.

  4. These are all wonderful compositions Jo! I can see more of you in the second and fourth pieces and can see in your art and words how much you are taking away from this class.

  5. Marvelous restraint. YOu and Terrie have seriously been rocking this workshop. xox

  6. Dedicated Explorer are now your middle names, Jo. It's been fun watching your workings through Jane's course. I wonder what next week will bring?

  7. great work, Jo and I especially like the black and white, but all of them are so well done.. looks like you are enjoying the class...

  8. I think you met your challenge very well... all fit the category very well... well done!

  9. Everything you've created here is fabulous Jo!
    100 pieces = WOW that is quite an accomplishment.
    It's clear you are in your element and having a great time...
    there is no substitute for a good/great teacher
    a talented student!

  10. They just keep getting better and better Jo . . . perhaps it's because your voice is becoming more present. What an accomplishment!

  11. You should be proud of your perseverance, Jo; 100 pieces is a LOT! I definitely think the ones in which you used your "own voice", as you say, are the stronger pieces. I can see a a good deal of development in your work, and lots of exploration! Well done!

  12. What discipline! I have to say, I've always appreciated and loved the textured organic quality like the pieces you share here. And The piece that is really YOU is my favorite. But your post gave me food for thought... As much as I love these rich works you create, and like having them around me, they are very different from what I naturally create! I know I could probably follow a challenge toward this end, but I don't know if it would ever be truly my style. As soon as I start working, I work toward geometric regimen and bold colors. I guess we both must embrace our natural order!