Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Liberated Art

Every year I join photographer Kat Sloma's postcard exchange.  She calls it 'Liberate Your Art', a perfect title, as everyone's art, or photography, in postcard form, flies in all directions around the globe.

 My submissions this year were:

In return I have so far received:

Carroll Davies

Liz Velichko
M.F.? (no other name or info provided)
Natasha Papoesek
I have two more to come, and they are running late, so I've missed joining in the Liberate Your Art Blog Hop.   If you click HERE  you will get to see the many amazing artists who've contributed to this year's exchange.


  1. Oh the lucky people to get one of your cards Jo!!!
    Fun to see the cool cards that arrived...hoping the other two are not long now till you receive them.

  2. wow-I am in love with all of your entries Jo! Lucky recipients:) Great variations in the styles you have received so far-fun!

  3. Wow - you have outdone yourself with these postcards, Jo! I agree with Patti and Linda, and am definitely envious of those who receive your cards. I'm especially in love with the first 3!