Thursday, July 23, 2015



Seth Apter, a favourite artist/blogger from the USA, has an annual challenge and link-up that he calls 'Buried Treasure'. We are to resurrect a favourite blog post from the past.
I've chosen this from Tuesday, July 26, 2011. It was my first year of blogging, and sometimes I forget that I was once a potter.

Tea... Inspired

Inspiration Avenue time again.... this week it's 'Tea'.  For a potter, not too hard as I am known for my 'funky' teapots and love making them.  Some are functional, but most are just 'fun'. 

Naturally I must promote my country to all those who live elesewhere...

Australia Teapot

... and my most ridiculous non-functional teapot...

Hullo Sailor

... and one I love ....

The Ritual Of Tea

My first love tho' is painting...

Coffee (or perhaps tea?) In The Square
... and mixed media/collage...

Black Tea

Cold drink anyone?


  1. Your colourful painting is a true inspiration for me, Jo.

  2. I had actually forgotten you made teapots, but remember this post, now that you shared it again. Of course, I simply adore anything tea related, even though I'm a coffee addict. And of course, your mixed media collage is incredible!!

  3. Wow - so many INCREDIBLE talents... these are all wonderful. Your Hullo Sailor teapot cracked me up Jo!!! What a treat from you (and Seth!). Thanks bunches. j.

  4. I love your teapots! What an amazing talent you have.

  5. Is there NOTHING you can't do? Sigh.

  6. an incredible insight into your former work... i just love the "hullo sailor"! have a great Weekend!

  7. So nice to see what you've done before! Your painting speaks to me! - eric

  8. It was so nice to see a much older post of yours Jo! I can see how far you've come with your painting and collage techniques, and your teapots are fantastic!

  9. I didn't know you were a potter. Those are gorgeous teapots. I recently started throwing pots on the wheel again after a 20 year hiatus. My skills are quite basic, but I love the feel of clay under my hands. What fun to see you buried treasure and learn about this other side of your artistic talent.

  10. You certainly are a multi talented artist Jo!
    Those teapots = oh my!
    Fun to see these treasures from back then.

  11. OMGosh Jo!! I never knew you were a potter!! These are fabulous as well as the rest of the pieces in this post! I do have to say- I adore the Hullo Sailor teapot!! Outstanding work Jo!! xo

  12. Those tea pots are wonderful, and a complete surprise. I knew you were a gifted painter and mixed media/collage artist, but these pots reveal another facet of your talent. I especially love "the ritual of tea", but they are all quite exceptional! So glad you shared these again!