Monday, March 20, 2017

Fun Collages

I had the privilege of joining a group at the Caloundra Regional Gallery, making quick collages under the guidance of Sam Cranstoun. What fun! Sam is a VERY talented artist, currently showing at Caloundra.  He provided us with old photographs and pictorial magazine pages, and started us off with a fortune cookie.  The brief was to choose a photo to suit the fortune.  Haha !!!!  I LOVE this concept.

This was the beginning of two hours of absolute fun.  No pressure. After all you can't produce a masterpiece in two hours can you?  We were all up to our ears in images, bits of paper, and glue.


They're all a bit rough...but I had a ball.

Sam gave us a brief discussion on his work. He generally works on a well-researched theme. Then he makes collages on that subject, and uses those as reference for paintings.  Wonderful.

Many thanks to the Gallery staff and Volunteers who made this evening possible.


  1. wow what a great sounding class- and pure fun as I can see by your collage pieces!

  2. What fun Jo!
    Clearly you had a very good time.
    Cutting and pasting and playing with collage is my idea of fun too.

  3. I LOVED each of these. I think the second one was my favorite because I saw rugs and saw the bunny on top of the baby and thought of hairless people get rugs to cover their baldness. I know I'm stretching it, but I saw so much humor in it. Keep making those awesome collages. You always inspire me.

  4. But that is the point to loosen up and have fun, and knowing no masterpieces will be created puts everyone on equal footing, I love these ... such whimsy!! x

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