Monday, April 24, 2017

Remember 'Small Changes' ?

 My blog of March 15th showed how I had altered a small painting for the better (I thought). Well, nothing is ever finished until it is....

NEWS FROM THE EAST (version 3)
....and maybe it is now (but don't be too sure).

Meanwhile I have been making painted papers for collage. 

FAUX MARBLE - I love this effect.

MARBLING - I've tried not to be fussy with these, and to keep them loose.

Of course, each time I enter my workspace the first thing I encounter is a bench covered with papers, and bits and pieces.  It is SO distracting, I just can't help playing


The page is from an old book on fuzzy logic, combined with a circuit board, some old metal washers, and a small wishbone.  Maybe now I can do some painting.


  1. I especially like your faux marble papers. Very inspirational, madam!

  2. I love all the surface texture, intense colour and text in your painting, and those marble-effect papers are gorgeous!

  3. Hi Jo!
    Haven't seen you awhile around PT. Hope all is well. I love the added red on version 3! I tend to cut up my canvases that I am not happy with and use them in other things. I feel stymied when I try to re-work them but maybe I should just keep pushing it along.
    Take care

  4. I'm always running late, but at least this time I have an excuse. I LOVE Wishing for a Better Solution. It spoke to me, possibly because I have so many old circuit boards to play with. Adding the wish bone was brilliant!

    Of course, I simply adore those painted papers. I wold love to make something that beautiful for backgrounds. Yours are majestic.

    So does this mean we may actually see a version 4 of News From the East? I like it just the way it is, but I'm no art critic, just an admirer.

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