Wednesday, February 21, 2018

It's Been A While....

....and I don't have a good reason. Nonetheless I've not been idle.  Have been experimenting with the latest craze, acrylic pouring,  After a week of frustrating efforts I've eventually arrived where I want to be.


These are only 4"x4", but a good starting point to explore the technique.  Eventually I might be able to manipulate the colours enough to make backgrounds for paintings, collages, or whatever takes my fancy.  After all I'm a dilettante, not a REAL artist.


  1. Oh Jo, I love these, beautiful colours.

  2. Wonderful color choices. These are beautiful!

  3. These are so beautiful and exciting!! What do you mean, you're not a real artist?

    1. Thanks Sharmon...I'm loving the sort of 'manipulated randomness' of these. If I was a more dedicated 'artist' I'd concentrate on one thing rather than constantly seeking a new 'fix'. I'm hooked on play.

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