Monday, January 31, 2011

A, B, C, D,

It's taken some time to get back to the blog as I keep altering my mini-collages. I suspect this might continue ad infinitum, at least until I get to the end. The 'A Letter A Week' is certainly a challenge, and I'm among such creative cohorts that I hope I can keep up. My letters are all so different. Co-ordinating them into a single collage at the end might just be too difficult a feat.  It will certainly test my design skills. Perhaps they'll lend themselves to a box instead.  We'll see.

Meanwhile here's the current crop:

Blogging has certainly added a new dimension to my life. I'm amazed at the International network of creative minds out there.  Am still finding my way around the various tools available to enhance the blog and will soon have a portfolio of past and current work attached.

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