Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Letter A Week

As if I don't have enough to do, I've just signed up for the 'Letter A Week' project run by Fiona Dempster (http://www.paperponderings.blogspot.com/)  another superb local artist ... they breed like rabbits on the Sunshine Coast.  This means producing a letter of the alphabet each week in the medium of your choice, with a view to displaying them together at the end in some creative way suitable for exhibition.  If you look at the work produced last year for this project via Fiona's Blog, you will be amazed at the variety of creative ideas.

Collage was my first thought since I've been producing collages willy-nilly for the International Collage Exchange.  So, I duly gathered and cut matboard into 7 cm squares, then began collecting cutout letters for my first month (A,B,C,D).  Once pasted onto the tiny squares these will be painted over and into a small painting which, at the end, will become part of a large collage/mixed media work.

My latest works for the Collage Exchange are produced in a similar way:

"Me, Ma"

At last I have completed my final collages for the Exchange and they will be in the post to Dale in New Zealand ASAP.  I can hardly wait until the middle of the year when I receive my swaps.  What a collection I will have !


  1. Hi Jo,
    Welcome to ALaW 2011! Looks like fun, looking forward in seeing what you create with your collage.


  2. Hi Jo,
    Your collage work is so beautiful! Thank you for your comment earlier. YES! I'm sending several cards to blogging pals in Australia so it's no problem if you'd like one. Also I'm glad you've joined A Letter A Week-I'm in it too.