Thursday, May 5, 2011

New COMA Exhibition

You are all invited to the next COMA exhibition "Between The Lines" which will run from 27th May to 11th June 2011 at:

Rosetta Books  - Shop 12, 43 Maple St, MALENY, QLD, 4552
                           Phone  (07) 5435 2134

The brief was to create an artwork 6" x 6" inspired by a book you have recently read, preferably one stocked by Rosetta Books. 

All works will be the same size and a set price of $85 each.

As I usually read art books, I thought I'd have a change. My next favourite thing to do is 'play' with interesting beads and I have LOTS to play with.  Soooo I based my painting on a book  "Big Bead Jewellery" by  Deborah Scneebeli-Morrell.  This book has ideas for lots of interesting pieces to construct from beads.

With this in mind I painted a portrait and added earrings that I'd made. These are wood and stone beads, and the earrings are removable and wearable.

Big Bead Jewellery

A little 'off the wall' for me, but quirky and fun. In fact, I enjoyed this project so much I might make more... but when?


  1. An fantastic way to store your jewellery Jo! But also an interesting image as well! wow!

  2. can't wait to see the real thing, looks great!

  3. Wyn... You'd need a wall full of these to store my collection of earrings... lol.

    Mieke... Thanks...I look forward to seeing everyone's work.