Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekly Collage Theme - War

The Produce of Victory
Sorry folks, I couldn't raise my sense of humour over this theme.  It's far too serious.  But then... perhaps I'll do two this week... then again, maybe not.

For those of you who think that these collages are relatively simple.  They're meant to be my mental 'play' for the week.  For my REAL collages see the right-hand side menu, under 'Portfolio'.


  1. As a *in the military all my life* (raised in it and married to it), you are SO RIGHT.
    I obviously am the odd duck as far as officers wives go, but I don't care. The ultimate outcome is loss of life at an enormous rate.
    Good work Jo.


  2. 'odd duck' or not, I appreciate your sentiments Anne. It must be very difficult to see your men go off to war with the prospect of never seeing them again. AND, those who sent them remain in safety.