Saturday, July 2, 2011

All The King's Horses.....

The weekly challenge at Inspiration Avenue  is 'Nursery Rhymes'.  Thought I'd continue on with Adobe Photoshop while I'm on a roll.

All The King's Horses

Probably not a 'childish' image but then, as someone in the challenge has already pointed out, nursery rhymes are not the innocent little ditties they are presumed to be.


  1. Nicely done. I never would have thought of the chess pieces (or game).


  2. Nice interpretation of nursery rhyme and I love the darkness of it. Thanks for visiting and agreement about cooking - where's my personal chef? :)

  3. Clever interpretation for this rhyme - imaginative & great for this week's them :-)

  4. Darla... Don't know where that idea came from, just jumped up and bit me I guess.

    Terrie... Thanks. I actually have one.. my husband, but he has to be encouraged to work.

    Hi Kat... Nice to hear from you. Thanks.

  5. Ah! But who IS humpty dumpty? Or, WHAT is humpty dumpty? Is he just an egg, or something only alluded to? Hmmmmm........