Saturday, July 9, 2011

Visiting Kim Schoenberger

What an exciting day I had on Thursday!  I visited my blogging friend, and sculptor extraordinaire, Kim Schoenberger.  I had won her blog giveaway, so used it as an excellent excuse to go see her 'studio' and pick up my prize.

It was a lovely sunny day on the Sunshine Coast so the drive to her country hideaway was an absolute delight.  After meandering up into the mountains I found her little cottage tucked away in a serene pastoral setting, quiet and VERY picturesque. 

Of course I had to have the grand tour of workshops etc. and see all her 'stuff'. Oh joy!!!

Kim's 'stash'

Rusty old bits of metal are transformed by Kim into gorgeous sculptures, both tiny and HUGE.... and she is sooooo organised.  All her stuff is cut and sorted according to size and shape, ready for inspiration to strike (and it does... often).

Personality dog 'Max' explains Kim's sculptures
We wandered around her fabulous country garden looking at totems, some of which were slightly out of kilter and required Kim to dash into the grasses (at great risk, as snakes are often seen around the place) to straighten them before they came into camera view.

At the bottom of the garden is a huge two bay shed where her pottery workshop resides, along with a fabulous gallery of her pottery.

Just a small part of Kim's work

Some exquisite porcelain pieces
The range of her skills is mind-blowing, and her work practice makes me feel downright lazy.

Tiny totems, only a couple of inches high
I came home full of joie de vivre, and creative enthusiasm, accompanied by some lovely pieces to remind me of the adventure.

My prize - the prototype for a larger piece

A little totem - with movable 'bits'

A gorgeous plate that Kim regarded as a second?
All round it was an absolutely perfect day.... thanks Kim.


  1. Oh wow that is a terrific place with so many wonderful pieces to look at. Thank you for sharing. Annette x

  2. It was a pleasure Jo, and thank you for sharing my world on your blog. x

  3. Netty... It was a wonderful experience for me and I'm happy to share it.

  4. JM - always good to check out K's stash and studio - very neat!!! You came away with some gems. B