Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hung... AND Opened

Last night was the opening of the exhibition "A Brush With Colour", a collaborative effort between me and two friends, Gaynor Hardinge, and Janet Matthews., at Studio 4 Gallery.

We had spent Thursday hanging...

Jennifer, the Gallery owner, adjusting levels.
.. and were quite happy with the overall display.

A wall of my work.
When I arrived the gallery was already jumping and I had sold 4 pieces! ...small works, my rainforest miniatures (from September 22nd blog), but every little bit of encouragement helps.

It was gratifying to see so many supporters and people interested in art as the gallery is a little out of the way for many people.

Wyn and Noela

Wyn Vogel and Noela Mills are fellow bloggers and each very creative indeed (click on the links to see their work). They are standing in front of some of Gaynor's work.

The exhibition was opened by Julie Hauritz, Education and Public Programmes Officer for the Noosa Regional Gallery, who made a very encouraging and pertinent speech about the role of art in the community.

Gaynor, Me, Julie, and Jennifer
Of course I had to say a few words, most of which disappeared from my brain as soon as I opened my mouth but, hey, I was among friends... and anyway my hands were doing OK on their own. 

The speeches were in front of Janet's paintings... wonderful, expressive, large works.  Unfortunately Janet was unable to attend after having too good a time overseas, and arriving back the day before completely debilitated with one of those treacherous 'travel' bugs.  I know she'll read this and hope she shakes it off soon.

Me & Julie
This is a better image of Janet's work "Evening Glow"

The evening wore on and I sold another painting to a very supportive friend and fellow painter Susanne Barrett but we couldn't party all night (tho' some would've liked to).

Barry, Kim, and Julie

Barry, and Kim, also fellow bloggers, had travelled quite a way to attend and didn't seem to be in any hurry to leave.

I'd like to say thanks to all who came, and those who intend to visit the exhibition when they can fit it into their schedule.  I count it a great success.


  1. Well Done Jo - Gaynor and Janet! Have to say it was a selected group of work to hang together a good collection and really complimented by the space at Studio 4 Gallery - it was also pretty special to put faces to blogs and meet you all again in person - I feel like I am discovering the coast now - maybe not quite a local but on the way!! Hopefully I will remember all the faces next time we meet!

  2. Jo, Congratulations!! How exciting to have sold so many paintings! It looks like you all had a wonderful time.

  3. There's nothing quite as exciting as an opening, Jo. Cheers!

  4. AHHHHH!!! you guys must be having an exhibition challenge ... i just came from B's exhibition blog post and landed myself in another fabulous one :) what a lovely life you guys have!! *envious* ... and congrats on the sale !!! :)

  5. Congratulations on selling some of your paintings.
    The pictures testify a fun event.

  6. Congratulations on what looks like a great opening, and on selling as well. If I lived closer would love to have seen it.

  7. Congratulations Jo; the show looks wonderful. And how about those sales- whooo-hooooooo!

  8. Hi Jo, better late than never for my comment! It was a fab night and your a star, super person and I just love you! Your paintings are gorgeous congrats with your sales too. Kim x

  9. Oh Jo...a really delightful post and what a grand show!

    Congratulations to all!!!

    Now I am off to check out your links...
    thank you for making me feel richer from so many miles away!

  10. What a great group of artists and friends! Congratulations.

  11. Congrats on selling some of your paintings, Jo. Now I'm off to check out the links.

    Have a lovely weekend!