Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Seth's Buried Treasure

While I am a painter, and former potter, I take many photos wherever I go. These are often inspiration for future work. 

I don't profess to be an expert with the camera but, occasionally, an image grabs me enough to want to share.

This appealed to my patriotism on Australia Day.  I did ask permission to take the photo.

City reflections are always fascinating.  Perhaps it will inspire an abstract painting?

Up close and personal at Dubbo Zoo.  Those teeth are really dangerous!

A friend's two granddaughters looking at images on a camera. I just loved the obvious connection between them, and the way they are totally absorbed.

What Americans call a carnival we call a show... and who doesn't love one.... all that colour!

We walk each morning past this pond with its abundance of birdlife.

These are called 'bridal veil' funghi, and grow occasionally below my mango tree.

It is absolutely necessary for me to occasionally have a 'city fix' where I can be found ogling clothes I will never wear, and trying on shoes that will never see the inside of my cupboard.

Sunset is a magical time.  This one is from my deck...

... and THIS (my pick of the year) is in the famous Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

It would be possible to go on, and on, and on but hey, enough is enough right?


  1. beautiful photos, the fungus / toad stools, are amazing and I agree completely with you about the faces of the children looking at the photos, the photos are all amazing the show with all its bright colors and the hippo wow!!!

  2. Some truly stunning photographs here, Jo. I'm wondering though, are those veil fungi edible?

  3. What a great and varied set of photographs here Jo. A slice of life through an artist's eye.

  4. Your pictures are amazing! Great shots, Jo!


  5. Thanks for sharing this slice of your Australian life. What a delightful group of photos! Each is perfect and special in it's own way and I can see why they are faves of yours.

    Those veil fungi are some peculiar but gorgeous looking plants! The girls are adorable (was my skin ever that beautiful?) and I particularly like the building reflection - that's my kind of shot! I just learned that hippos are THE most dangerous animal on earth and have killed more humans than any other type of animal. Isn't that surprising?
    Thanks again for sharing....

  6. What a beautiful set of photos.
    Thanks for sharing a part of Australia.

  7. Okay, enough is NOT enough,here. That egret!! I love the hair in the first photo. These are awesome. The hippo! Great timing on that shot! Really sharp.

    Thanks for sharing these. It's nice to have time to come here and visit.

  8. I think that is a good habit to be in.. to take photos wherever you go.. for later inspiration in your studio.. I have a small camera in my purse... but I am not in that habit.. I think I will and then I sort of forget.. and remember when I am back in my studio.. so you are taking some beautiful images.

  9. Jo, these photos are great! I especially like the sunset, I agree with Parabolic: enough is NOT enough, thank you for sharing!

  10. oh I don't know about enough Jo
    I could look at your photos for ions!

    each one so special
    you have a mango that sounds so exotic and juicy ;)
    I hardly leave the house without my camera...when I do I'm sorry

    really special seeing your part of the world thru your artist's eyes

  11. YIKES!!! Your photos are taking my breath away! That last one, and the fungi, WOW!

    So you don't find my self-portraits flattering? You don't know what I REALLY look like!

    Thanks for your recent comments.

  12. Thank you for sharing your marvelous photos and thoughts. What a nice way for me to begin my pre-Christmas eve! Merry Christmas!