Sunday, December 18, 2011


At this time of year I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog, not just those who registered to follow it. My followers are special people indeed, but I appreciate all who have shown interest in my work. It has been the most encouraging experience and I'm very glad to be a fully-fledged blogger.  Sooo, without further ado....

I usually make Christmas cards for my arty friends and this year was a 'recycling' year. I cut images from all the cards I received last year and glued them onto blank cards. Sometimes I added a little glitter... you can never have too much bling at Christmas.

In the past I've done small paintings, all similar...

... or photoshopped images...

I just love doing this, it really gets me into the Festive spirit.

Finally I'd like to share an image of one of the creatively decorated homes in our town, and wish everyone a Happy Aussie Christmas....


Hope you are all full of festive joy and that Christmas brings with it peace, happiness, and good health... (not to mention inspiration).

With love from...... Me.


  1. HAPPY CHRISTMAS Jo! You are a creative storm - here's to a good one for you and fam - and also to a really creative New Year!! Cheers!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Jo!
    Have a wonderful, creative year!

  3. Jo - I love your idea of using previously received cards - I have quite a stack I've saved for .... some important reason. Now I know what it was. Although I've finished this year's cards (I used a photo of mine), I think I will use this idea for next year! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas and successes this year - I can't wait to see where 2012 takes you! Happy Holidays!

  4. JO! That Table scape is absolutely gorgeous! So elegant! AND your cards are beautiful - so bright and full of energy. Of course I agree that you can never have enough bling too ;)
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to playing some more in the New Year, xoxo

  5. HO HO HO!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS JO. What a visual feast with those yummy photographs and especially your handmade Christmas cards... Have a safe and happy one. love, Kim xox

  6. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you too Jo....may all of your dreams come true for 2012!

    Hugs, Gaby

  7. Lovely and festive post dear Jo
    Love the Aussie Christmas Light Show and your cards too of course

    So happy to have 'met' you here in blogland!
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  8. warm wishes for Christmas and a inspirational 2012, xxx

  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jo!

  10. Thank you one and all... hope the New Year brings happiness to everyone.