Sunday, February 12, 2012

Matisse - Drawing Life

GOMA is showing the most amazing and comprehensive exhibition of drawings by Matisse and I was fortunate enough to go with our local Regional Gallery  group to see it.

I didn't realise that Matisse did so many drawings of each subject that he painted.  He drew and drew and drew it until he was happy with the composition, sometimes dozens of times.

When drawing for drawing's sake his goal was to use as few lines as possible, simplifying to the extreme.  I love this concept.

 If only this was easy easy as it looks!!! 

Well, information about Matisse and his work is readily available in books but what about Yayoi Kusama ?  A totally new artist to me, I found her work totally absorbing in so many senses. 

In this exhibition, running concurrently with Matisse, she has employed colour and spots to transform an ordinary space into an "Obliteration Room"

It was mindblowing!  I felt that I was standing in an optical illusion... perhaps because I was.

All Yayoi's other work is as fascinating, and colourful.

Think this looks small?  I could walk through that space without bending in the slightest.

This marvellous flower is HUGE...... (you can see the floor and ceiling of the room)

If you ever have the chance to see this... do!  I loved it.


  1. Holy moly! What a creative artist! Can't say I love the dotty room but the other pieces are extraordinary. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love these, especially as I'm doing more drawing this year. thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh lucky you Jo to be able to see drawings of Matisse in person! And the work by Ms. Kusama looks totally mind blowing...thanks for posting this and I will definitely go see her work if the opportunity ever arises.

  4. I love that you've included Kusama's work with Matisse! I wonder what he would think of her? Would it be love at first polka-dot? Lucky you!

  5. A Master painter from history and a new contemporary painter-- who seems to love DOTS! wonderful post.

  6. thanks for sharing, I love this artist! Have you read much about her life? It's tragic how much time she spent in hospitals with her mental illness. Thank you for following my blog and your inspiring comments.

  7. Hi J - so good to be able to soak in the masters. Go well. B

  8. Thanks for this colorful post, Jo. Love especially this marvellous flower.

    All the very best,