Monday, February 6, 2012

Art Shows...and having fun

No posts for a week!  Guess I've been out and about too much.  Several friends have been having exhibitions so I just had to go to all the openings.

'More Than Enough' - Victoria Fitzpatrick

Victoria has had exhibitions in two galleries... Rosebed St Gallery, and Noosa Regional Gallery.

At Noosa she is showing together with Kym Barrett, whose work I bought at another opening at Studio 4 Gallery.

'First Light' - Kym Barrett
Here I am with Victoria at her opening at Noosa
Next lot to have an opening were friends from Aileen Shaw's painting group - Marianne Reardon, Philippa Hume, Ellie Anderson, and Noni Metzler (sorry, no links).

Marianne, Noni, Ellie, and Philippa at Gympie
Aileen and I went to Gympie Regional Gallery for this event.  It's about one hour's drive from here so we made a real day of it and arranged to lunch with two of Aileen's friends from that area.

At McCafe there was a very talented girl doing face-painting (for the children) so of course we could not resist lining up to get ours done. What a hoot! 

Maree, Shirley, Aileen, and me
Don't you think we all looked great!  We were quite a hit at the opening.


  1. beautiful, looks wonderful beautiful art too.I think you must have had a great time,

  2. It feels like years since I've been to an art exhibition. I can see you are having fun Jo.

  3. Great fun! And just love your face art :) Thanks for the kind words on my lightbox efforts - much appreciated!

  4. wow this is fabulous art work and you obviously had a great time. Thank you for sharing, x

  5. what a lovely time I've had playing catch up with you on your blog Jo!

    so much eye candy and inspiration...very eye opening and illuminating!

    and YES you do look brilliant all starstruck ;)