Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - Europe & other places

Graffiti - Bratislava
The previous few posts were scheduled, in case you had an inkling I was missing.

I've been having the most amazing holiday.  Have just travelled from Budapest to Amsterdam by boat via the Danube, Rhine, and Main rivers.  What an adventure!  Stopped in Singapore for five days on the way back to swim, sleep, and eat, before returning to reality.

It was perfect timing for a photo scavenger hunt organised by Rinda, from Gallo Organico.  I think I have all the photos, and it's a great way to share some of my adventures with you. I did sneak a couple in from home to fill in where I couldn't find the subject.

1.  A pier

Docking at Durnstein, on the Danube
2. A clothesline

The boat next door.. Danube
3.  A border

The Danube River is the border between the cities of Buda and Pest.   They are connected by the numerous bridges traversing the river.  It is also the border between Bulgaria and Romania, tho' we didn't visit that area.

4.  A roadside stand, selling something:
By the Danube, Budapest
5.  A train
Tourist train, Bratislava
6.  A historical landmark

Rothenberg is a medieval city preserved because of poverty and luck. Poverty kept the town from evolving, freezing it in the medieval ages. Luck kept it from being bombed during WWII because both the Americans and Germans in charge near Rothenburg realized the historical value and the city was saved.
The ancient city wall, Rothenberg

7.  A person playing a musical instrument:

This was easy.... our shipboard entertainment ranged from this...

Hansi Oom Pa Pa...Bavaria this...
Tomy Temerson.. internationally renowned zither player
...and this delightful trio serenaded us while dining in Singapore, on the way home.

8.  A person dressed as an angel, or a statue of an angel..
...not too difficult, considering the number of churches and cathedrals we visited.
Inside church, Bratislava

Outside Cologne Cathedral

9.  A fountain... there were more fountains than you can poke a stick at... but I had some faves.
10.  A horse
It bucketed in Vienna, and the horses weren't impressed

11.  A shadow

Kapitulska is one of the oldest streets in Bratislava, if not the oldest. Records of the streets' existence go back all the way to 1204.  The street also was of great importance due to St. Martin's Cathedral located at its end. If you walk along Kapitulsk√° you'll see gold markers on the road, stamped with a crown. These are markers identifying the route taken by the coronation procession from the cathedral, walked by 11
Hungarian kings and 8 royal spouses.

That's a shadow of my head, trying to wear the crown.

12. A maze, labyrinth, or trail.

Entrance to the maze at Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

13. A library

The ship's library wasn't very comprehensive, but who had the time anyway?
My home library is larger, but leans towards one subject... art.

14. A person playing with a ball.

Village children, Rothenberg
15. Someone dancing.
Traditional Hungarian folk-dancing, on board ship.

16. A bride.... couldn't decide between a marzipan bride in a cakeshop window in Vienna....

...or a real one outside a small church in Cologne

17. A church, chapel, cathedral, mosque or temple.

There were churches everywhere...of course... but the most impressive is the Cologne Cathedral....

...although the interior of St.Stephen's in Vienna
 is rather gorgeous...

18. A movie poster

In a window in Miltenberg

19. An outdoor stairway
On the steps outside the Wurzberg Museum
Clarke Quay - Singapore

20. A swing hanging from a tree (or a hammock)

Didn't see one swing on our trip... but R obliged when we got home by taking a nap in the garden.

21. A picture of you standing with something that symbolizes your nation.

I didn't take this of course, but handed my camera to the closest person.  (Hope it still counts, Rinda)

For more info on the scavenger hunt you can visit Rinda

You can even join up! You have until the end of September to do so. 

PS:  I've no idea what's happened to my post layout , but you can still read it and that's what's important (I hope).


  1. Fantastic!!! We spent three weeks in Budapest a few summers ago (visited Vienna as well) - thanks for bringing back that memory.
    I especially like your bride, your library and the person dressed as an angel.

  2. what a glorious trip that must have been. and what a fun way to show us some of your highlights.

  3. Jo.....what an amazing trip! Oh the sights you've seen and the places you've been!
    Very clever posting.

  4. Thanks for the fun viewing of some of your photos. The marzipan bride is amazing!

  5. Fantastic views, thanks for showing us your amazing trip. xox

  6. JM- the photos support your comment that you had an amazing time. Good for you; and welcome back. B

  7. what an amazing trip and fantastic photos! wonderful job -- loved the post! xx

  8. looks and sounds like an amazing vacation Jo!! I would LOVE going to that Cologne cathedral-wow!!! Great post!

  9. what a fun adventure and such a fabulous trip for you...wonderful photos and narrative Jo...that crown 'almost' fits too ;)

    I visited Rothenberg (and Vienna) many years ago. Rothenberg was lots of fun.

    I am off to check out the scavenger link

  10. Loved seeing the photos - I feel like I've just been on a trip!

  11. What a trip! I'm a little envious! This scavenger hunt is such a creative way to show a side of the trip we might not usually see. I just got back from vacation myself (though not quite as exotically) and I'll see if I can copy your idea and fill in the scavenger hunt after the fact.... Great photos - thanks for sharing!

  12. Rinda linked your blog to her recent post and I am so glad she did. The scavenger hunt photographs are great and you found a really neat way of taking us on the trip with you! Thank you for the tour, it was fantastic. Don't think anyone else could have such a delightful photograph of a washing line... Irene

  13. Loved seeing all your photos at once! Well done on getting them all. Looks like you had a brilliant trip.

  14. I stopped by to say hello and got caught up in reading what I have missed. When I came to this post, I was mesmerized by the way you handled this challenge. These are so unusual, bold, and brilliantly presented. Your ability to present "art" shows through in everything you do, including your photography. Besides, it was nice to follow you around on your trip, too!