Friday, August 24, 2012

Yay for the postie!

I love getting arty stuff in the mail, and it came at just the right time. I arrived home, not very well, to an amazing lot of mail art.  Absolutely cheered me up...thank you all.

The first, and largest, package came from Penny in South Australia.  I had given her a miniature painting of mine when she was visiting this part of the world, without any idea of her responding in kind.

Penny's Gorgeous textile wall hanging is lovely, but I adore the little doll (with pin attached) and it will grace my next basic black outfit.  AND she included a handmade card.  Aren't I lucky !  Do visit Penny at:

The next package was three bookmarks...a trade run by Chris at Parabolic Muse.  Click on the link to see lots more.

1.  Chris included one of her own... yay!

2.  Rita's is just gorgeous... all those ribbons!

3.  Lorna's collage is just my cup of tea.
There were a few ATCs...

1. 'Two Bicycles' from Nydia as part of a 'Wheels' trade run by Karen who is a Mail Art afficionado.  Interestingly I've run across Nydia again in one of my Yahoo ATC trading groups.  Hope to trade with her soon.

2.  'Silly Crows' from Joyce... also part of my trading group.

3.  Linda Marzano (from the same group) sent these FIVE fabulous fish ATCs in trade for ONE of mine....hmmm....I'll have to find a way to reciprocate.

.....and then there were postcards...

1.  From Gina Visione, in response to my 'Trash' postcard another trade run by Karen.... and

2. From Corrinne Gilman, part of Kat Sloma's 'Liberate Your Art' project.

3. From Polly Johnson  also liberating her art

What a plethora of creativity !!!

Thank you all for cheering me up.  After a battery of medical tests I have been diagnosed with whooping cough AND the new strain of the same time....AND I've given it to Richard (naturally).  So now I feel crook AND have a sick male to care for... and you girls all know what that's like.

Anyway... no art for me for a little while, at least until I feel enthused again.  Mind you, my package of collage materials from Joel Lambeth for the 'To the Power Of N'  project has arrived....hmmm... maybe I'll just do a little bit.


  1. Oh Jo what a horrible combination, and a sick man as well. Such a lovely lot of mail though, love those fish.

  2. Oh, my gosh! That is a very bad combination. Do try hard to rest and get better soon!

  3. I hope you're better soon! Take care dear Jo.

  4. Please look after yourself, Jo. That doesn't sound good at all. We have a horrible flu in SA at the moment. I've had it and am now looking after hubby who has a worse dose .... or so it seems :-)

  5. Hope you feel better soon Jo, and lucky you (influenza aside)to get all that creative mail. Thank you for sharing it, lots of inspiration, I feel a wall hanging coming on. Take care and keep warm.

  6. What a way to come home. So glad you enjoyed the bounty. Maybe you should travel more often? xox

  7. I'm so sorry to hear you and Richard are so ill. Take care and gets lots of rest. Isn't it so uplifting tho to have recently received such beautiful art in the mail-just when you needed it most?

  8. Poor you feeling so ghastly :( Hopefully you'll start to feel better soon. (My son was signed off work for a month after he caught a horrible virus from me. There seems to be a lot of 'it' about at the moment - whatever part of the world you're in!).

    Wonderful Mail you've been receiving - I hope that has been lifting your spirits.


  9. whooping cough AND the flu? that's just not fair! sending healing thoughts. may there be loads more good mail coming your way.

  10. Yikes (Nurse) manage to sound so chipper with all that going on
    Take good care
    hoping you feel much much better very soon

    Thank you for sharing that lallapalooza of fab art really hit the jackpot!

  11. These are so wonderful! I love mail, it so brightens our day, our world :D So nice you shared~

  12. Hope you feel better soon @>------

  13. Wow, what an amazing amount of Happy Mail - so much fun!

  14. JM- my god that really was an uplifting stash. I reckon that would have lifted your spirits and hopefully you are now well. B

  15. What a fabulous pile of heart felt mail. You've got some wonderfully artistic mail friends. What a nasty combination of ills to battle - hope you and Richard are on the mend quickly.

  16. Sending you healing pixie dust from the Oregon coast! Feel better soon. xo

  17. Jo, thank you for the shout-out. I LOVE those ATCs and the postcards! goodness. You've done fabulously here. You are going to have to add on another room!