Sunday, September 30, 2012

To The Power Of N - Collages


As you can see, I've been collaging again.  Most of you have heard about the Joel Lambeth annual collage challenge called To The Power of N.  I was chosen among twelve international collagists to participate.  We each received identical pieces of paper, with both text and images, and a piece of A4 black mat board.  Our brief is to produce a collage on the board from only the pieces provided.

The twelve pieces we were given are here, back and front:

Looks easy you say?  Not so....that is until I began. I moved papers around for ages looking for something that sparked an idea. Then I found two faces of similar size and thought...'Haha, these could each be part of the other'.  That made me think of the title "Metamorphosis"  which in turn made me think of caterpillars and butterflies.  Some of the other pieces of paper were then turned into origami butterflies.  Hooray... problem solved.

That wasn't enough for I was having all sorts of ideas...and there were so many bits of paper left!...all I needed was a piece of mat board (my stash provided this). True to form I just HAD to do another (as if one wasn't enough).

I Come In Peace
Fun, fun, fun.....thanks Joel.... and I still have bits left.

He's having another challenge called "Carry The One" in which anyone can participate.  If you want to challenge your imagination, try it.


  1. Fantastic Jo. Love your thought process as you moved through the materials. I will check out "Carry the One". xox

  2. what a great challenge. the origami butterflies are an inspired use of the papers. I'm very intrigued by the Carry the One challenge - I just might have to do it!

  3. congrats on being selected Jo. "Metamorphosis" is an interesting piece, draws you in. "I Come In Peace" a bit spooky and very playful at the same time.

  4. Great collages-I especially love Metamorphosis-fantastic!

  5. great challenge results Jo...beginning is always the hardest part of creating I find
    your Metamorphosis really speaks to be...origami butterflies and all :)

    I am imagining your pottery heads with butterflies coming out of them ;) ... thank you for the welcome back

  6. I'll be checking out the Carry the One challenge as well - thanks for sharing these resources. I appreciated seeing the variety of materials you had to work with and getting inside your brain a little as you figured out what to do. - Brilliant result - you're so inspiring! Can't wait to see the other 11.

  7. I love this Jo
    I love what you shared
    It is nice to know your creative voice

  8. Love both the images you came up with here Jo. Very clever in fact. Dramatic too. Congratulations.