Saturday, September 1, 2012


This title comes from one of my favourite bloggers, Eric Adama.  His work is minimalist, he LOVES blue, and he always manages to choose his titles perfectly.

Recently he put out a call for other artists to submit works based on the colour blue, so that he could post a collection.

My submission 'Night Falls' was included.

You can see more of the submissions HERE.

Until this time I didn't realize how often I use blue.  There are so many more....

BIG CITY BLUES, acrylics on canvas, 90 x 30 cm, SOLD

REACH, small mixed media on paper.

I CAN JUMP RIVERS, acrylics on paper, SOLD

WHALE WATCHING, 90 x 90 cm, acrylics on canvas, SOLD

THE BRIDGE, 10 x 10 cm, acrylics on paper
UNDER A CLOUD, collage, 12.5 x 17.5 cm

...... I could go on for MUCH longer, but that's enough self-promotion.

Hope you like them.


  1. Beautiful. I especially like your abstract pieces.

  2. Wonderful blues. I saw the blog posts about it, such amazing blue submissions. xox

  3. Blue is also my favorite color. Enjoyed your slide show. :>)

  4. Beautiful blues Jo-I especially LOVE your Night Blues and Big City Blues!! You could not show me too much of your art-you're such an inspiration and talent.

  5. Hey, that's a nice collection of beautiful blues! I especially do love Big City Blues and The Bridge. Thank you for the link. Eric

  6. Yes. I love these. I love the rich, built up layers of the child and dog. I think the blue theme is perfect for the blue moon we had!

  7. I've enjoyed Eric's work forever - how he can continue to find such variety with such a limited palette and make each one so great...he is usually the embodiment of simplicity. And you know how much I enjoy your abstracts - it's nice to see some of your representational work as well. What's not to love about all that blue - really a great group of art!

  8. Never enough blue in my book either Jo!

    Greatly enjoyed seeing this fine array of art by you!

  9. Wow..these are beautiful Jo!
    Care to join the Searching for Roy G Biv Challenge this month? This month's color is blue... We have more new folks playing along each month...
    Julie Booth