Thursday, October 18, 2012

Collages Success!

At last the collages for To The Power Of N have been published on Joel Lambeth's site. What a wonderful collection!  You must visit and see them all. I have two favourites....Allegra Newman (USA), and James Agnes Arlow(USA).  They are totally opposite in construction... one is lush and complex, the other simply sophisticated in design.  I'm honoured to be in such company.

...but there's more.....


The above collages were produced for Joel's individual challenge,  'Carry The One'.  Check the link for information.

The materials I had to work with were:

From these I had to produce a 5" x 7" collage on black mat board.  As always I did two...and still only used a fraction of the images provided. 

Fun, fun, fun!..and it's nearly my time to make collages for the annual International Collage Exchange.  Check out this link and perhaps you'll join in for the coming year.


  1. I agree with Joanna Jo!
    You certainly step up to challenges beautifully

  2. Oh great power of one collages Jo. Nove use if the materials. I really like fractured! xox

  3. Fantastic collages Jo- I just love seeing the materials and what you come up with-powerful collages!!

  4. These collages are gorgeous!

    Gaby xo

  5. How exciting to see - just love Fractured! I just heard back from Joel and my packet is on the way, so I'm excited/nervous to see what I can come up with....He sure gives you plenty to get your brain going. I'm also planning on participating in the intn'l one so better put my thinking cap on if I'm going to make 10 (isn't it?). I need to look up the deadlines again. Great work as always!

  6. Nice!! And that international collage exchange is compelling.

  7. Hi Jo, I like the way in which you lay out the materials to work with and go from there, with some fab results too I might add! Looks like fun alright.