Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bless me followers.....

...for I have sinned.  It's been three weeks since my last post and I have only one excuse. I'm over-committed. 

SOMETHING will have to go.

Have been madly organising small paintings for the Rosebed St Gallery's Xmas show.

The three top paintings are 10" x 10" and titled, l to r, Patchwork, Splash, and Eight. The small works are 4" x 4" and incorporate pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle I found in an Op shop.  They are therefore aptly named 'Puzzle Pieces' 1-10.

This show is a 'takeaway' show.  You pay, you take... perfect for Xmas gifts.

In between I've been working on a piece for Dale Copeland's January exhibition online at her Virtual Tart site.

The exhibition is titled 'Exhibit No Fear' and I have done a collage.

And there's more...... am working on my 13 collages for the 15th Annual International Collage Exchange, AND an online exhibition on Virtual Tart in February.  Not to mention organising three paintings for Studio 4 Gallery's Xmas show.

It's all go. Everyone's in the same boat, and we'd better all keep paddling or we'll come to grief. 

My friend Seth Apter is the most over-committed bloke I know.  As well as his assorted art commitments, and there are many, he's organised an art auction of many yummy bundles of arty stuff to assist the people affected by the huge storm, 'Sandy'.  PLEASE visit his site might see something you really must have.  You only have until Monday (Australia time).

Apart from all that I've recently won a Second Prize for...

...and in the same exhibition bought a painting of Jenni Kelly's....

Oops, I've cut a bit off the top...but you can see how beautiful it is.  I'm sure she's been painting in my garden.

Think I've covered most of the recent events, other than all the fabulous O/S mail I've received lately, but I'll save that for another day.


  1. Hooley Dooley Jo! And I thought I was busy!! He he!
    I love everything. Especially Arley Farm. Good luck over the next few weeks and happy creating!

  2. oh how lovely! you are busy, indeed!

  3. Love what you have been doing, its nice to be constructively busy.

  4. Lovely work!! The Secret...just wonderful! xo Evie

  5. These are spectacular Jo, we forgive your absence but we miss you! Keep painting. xox

  6. ha,ha Jo, great minds think alike - I've thought to write that on many occassions (the bless me...bit). Looks like we'll be in two shows together again, hope we cross paths then. Congrats with your win. K x

  7. Congratulations on Arley Farm and all the other work you have done here. Somebody else has been very, very busy! Thank you for helping to get the word out about the auction!

  8. I love how well you do abstracts! And your opening brought me right back to my childhood. . .

  9. Congratulations on your win Jo! So many wonderful paintings to see here today. Love the small and tinys.

  10. I have to go and have a Bex and a good lie down now after all of that Jo- way too busy but oh so productive and successful! May Christmas bring a little resting time..

  11. You have me exhausted Jo! But the art you are producing-wow!!! My fave are the top three red pieces -just because that's my fave color-but the puzzle pieces are wonderful too. Congrtas on your win! The painting you bought is gorgeous. Hope you do well with your sales which I'm certain you will. Now do get a bit of rest and stay well.

  12. Sheesh - you're one busy lady! Productive and each piece so fun and colorful and ... you! Love seeing what you've been up to and here's a big congrats hug for your artwork win! I've always liked that piece! Those little 4x4's look utterly delightful - I've actually got a few canvases that size laying around....hmmmm...

  13. You've been a very busy lady! Glad you were able to come up for air long enough to catch us up! Love the small works pieces, brilliant.

  14. Congrats on your award!!!
    I love those canvases, big and little. You're a busy woman. We will wait here, so don't fret!

  15. Those puzzle piece paintings are great. They remind me of a project I used to do with students--each one would receive a triangle cut from a magazine picture (typically abstract in color / texture / pattern) and the'd have to "extend" the design into a large painting. The results were fantastic--bold and sometimes unpredictable.

    Congrats on your award! WOO HOO!

  16. Your absence on your blog was nice to hear it was for good and productive reasons!

    You ARE one busy artiste that is for certain...

    Love seeing and hearing what you are up to Jo ... thanks for checking in with such a lively post

  17. Love the little paintings, each and everyone so vibrant.

  18. Arley Farm is gorgeous - congratulations! Keep going... e^)

  19. Oh, wow. I'm reading all these posts I've missed and I am amazed at how much you've been doing! Love it.