Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Frivolity Has It's Place

It's no secret that I do like a little fun, even when making art. I tend to save it for less important projects tho'..... like this ATC...

Flamingo Dancer

...or this collage.
A Bird In The Hand

Even in the days when I made pots, much of my work was very 'tongue in cheek'.


This doesn't mean that I don't take art seriously, I do.  Just look at the constant mess my studio is in while I'm pursuing my artistic goals.

On the right of the easel are boxes of beads...another relatively frivolous pastime. There are paintings stacked on the floor everywhere, in various stages of completion. 

Perhaps it's not really a great illustration of my organised chaos, but I'll take more photos.

Don't know why these seem 'washed out' on the blog...not so in the preview.  Perhaps the god 'Blogger' has had a hissy fit and changed some settings.  Wouldn't be surprised.


  1. hahaha!!! Love your sense of humor Jo!! there is always a place for fun in art making :)

  2. terrific fun ATC's Jo, and am loving the art on the easel. Annette x

  3. Oh I do love the flamingo dancer!!

  4. LOVE the humor in this pieces. Very clever!

  5. Love your Flamingo dancer and your painting on the easel. Frivolity and wonderful work all at once, go Jo. xox

  6. HA! Bird in the hand, HA! I too have canvases stacked on the floor but they're mostly blank. I'm ready for inspiration (and time) to strike. I'm ready........... :) Beautiful easel piece.

  7. Too funny, Jo!
    Your pot is gorgeous!
    Happy week to you.

  8. fantastic, each and every one

  9. They actually don't look washed out when I enlarge them. I wonder what that is? Blogger constantly confounds me.

  10. Your sense of humor is refreshing and fun Jo!
    Bird in the hand is right on target too

  11. Hey Jo, love that Flamingo Dancer.