Wednesday, July 31, 2013


After last week's post on my collection of Aboriginal Art I did promise to show you some of my collection of local (Sunshine Coast, QLD) artists. 

Hope you enjoy them:

Peter Hudson - Ray & Moon, bought as a gift for my husband
My friend Aileen Shaw with her painting, bought at her exhibition

Noela Mills (collage), traded in the International Collage Exchange
Kym Barrett, bought at her exhibition

Kim Schoenberger (wallpiece), traded

Wendy Epp, bought at her exhibition

Mieke Van Sambeek (wallpiece), traded

Josephine Knight,  bought at her exhibition

Wendy Van Der Drift, traded for one of my works

Hope you follow the links to see more of their work.  I am privileged to own these pieces, and to live in a place where art proliferates.


  1. Wonderful collection. I treasure your little painting on my wall.

  2. Oh wow, Jo...what a lovely collection you have. I really like the Aileen Shaw piece, as well as the Kim Schoenberger piece. How wonderful to own such pieces, and also to support local artists!

  3. Your husband has great taste! And how lucky you are to have arranged those various trades.

  4. What a grand collection - you've got fabulous eclectic taste and each of these pieces is a stunner. Lucky lady!

  5. Oh you've got some spectacular art. I love that piece by Kim Barrett......xox

  6. LOve your artwork collection choices. So wonderful that you are able to support local art. I'm intriqued by your selection. Hugs.

  7. WOW that IS a wonderful array of art pieces Jo!
    Your house must be lovely and look like a gallery (saying that in the nicest way!)

  8. JM - so good to see local artists in your collection. Go well. B

  9. I originally came to thank you for the link to my chess set. It is ONYX. I knew I'd know the name if I ever heard it, but seeing the exact chess set really put tears in my eyes. Thank you beyond belief.

    Now to YOUR art. You have such a great eye for art, color, and texture. I really love many of these pieces that now grace your home, including the gorgeous aboriginal art you showed in your previous post. Since I'm big on recycling, I admit, my favorite is the wall piece by Mieke Van Sambeek. Less color, of course, but more rust and texture. Of course, I'd be thrilled if ANY of these piece graced my walls. Simply divine art you have gathered from fellow artists.

    Again, thank you for the link!

  10. Wow What a lucky girl you are. And your husband! And the people who got your trades!

  11. Jo - shows how awesome the Coast is with such talent - well collected!!

  12. Am trying to track down my own Aileen Shaw piece. Love her work. Any idea how I could contact her or where her work is sold? Appreciate any help.