Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An In-between Challenge

My favourite ATC trading group (Paper Traders) has regular challenges, but I've loved this one. 'My Stuff, Your Stuff' meant exchanging envelopes of bits and pieces with a randomly selected partner. Each was then to make ATCs with what they'd received and return them. My selected partner was Cathy Calamas...yayyyyy...I love her ATCs.

I received these, made from the stuff I sent her:

I sent such a strange conglomeration of stuff (sorry I didn't photograph it), I'm amazed that she could find any that went together.  Clever girl. LOVE the retirement one.

In return she sent me all this lovely stuff...

 ...and I sent her
Being Willing Is Not Enough

French Broad
 It was such serendipity that one of the maps she sent had a street named French Broad.

The Wall

I've no idea what the Russian text says...but I like it.

Now the frivolity is done..... back to my final 4" x 4" s.


  1. Thanks for the shout out!! It really is my favorite swap of the year at PT. I rec'd yours yesterday!! They are fabulous
    and sooooo fun!!

  2. I think you both made some clever ATCs with your goodie bags!

  3. Hi Jo, chuckle! I do like 'Retirement' and 'French Broad', however I am also liking 'The Wall' too and imagining the interpretation of the Russian text is in some way serendiptious with your imagery... :-)

  4. Nice swaps, love these trdes where random bits become something other....xox

  5. Oh what a fun fun project and challenge!
    You both did brilliantly...
    great to see

  6. Such a creative exercise - and actually really challenging to pull such random elements together into something cohesive. You both did great work. I keep meaning to check out the ATC site (you've mentioned it before) and then I think I can't possibly make time to do more swaps but then I see you having all this fun and I think once again that surely I can find a little more time to join in! You're so inspiring!

  7. what a fun challenge, and what wonderful results!

  8. What a great swap! You and Cathy made terrific collages with those shared materials.

  9. these are really fun, but your work below, is just stunning...