Saturday, October 26, 2013

Online Exhibition

Yayyyy!... today I'm on the home page of Artist Table's latest online exhibition 'Art des Femmes'. I have four works in the show, AND you can vote for me by visiting this LINK, entering and finding my paintings, click on the one you like then click 'VOTE'. Hope you like them enough...there are so many wonderful works in this show.

Hot Gossip
Rough, Rough
Along The River
A Conversation With Myself
As you can see I've put in works from several of my constant series...all in square format. (my favourite).  In The Square, Beach Culture, Above The Landscape, Abstract.

Every so often I revisit one of these series for some more paintings... but am still searching to find the 'essence' of abstract...harder than it looks.


  1. Oh I like them all, they are so different.....hard to choose. xox

  2. I like that this collection shows your wide range of ability and interests. You know I've always been a fan of the aerial view style and of course I'm a sucker for abstracts! Beautiful work.....I voted - where's my 'voter button'? :)

  3. I voted. The first one is my favourite. She has just the right look on her face.

  4. Of course I voted. I was gravitating towards the last one but I ended up voting for the first because I felt the whole flow, the lighting and shading are superb!! best of luck Jo!

  5. Thank you for visiting me while I was sick. It means so much to me because I haven't had the motivation to sit long enough to visit in return. I'm trying to catch up, now.

    I really love your postage people ATCs. They are lots of fun. And of course, I like the Minutia, too. But now I'm off to vote because, although I adore #1, especially since I've seen it on your blog before, I really like "Along the River." For some reason, the areal view speaks to me. I hope you win something, because your art is so diverse and engaging.

  6. you've always got my vote Jo, good luck!

  7. JM - love the free and flowing brush strokes of the first two - great work. B

  8. Thank you yet again for visiting during AEDM. You are such an inspiration. BTW, I voted for "Along the River" as promised.

  9. Congratulations!
    Your work is fabulous.

  10. Your HOT GOSSIP ladies certainly DO look fabulous gracing the home page Jo!
    Not at all easy to select one favorite...ALONG THE RIVER really draws me in...all of your creations are #1 with me!
    Best of Luck!