Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WORKshop...with Jane Davies

Jane Davies  has me working my butt off...again. I so loved the last online 'Extreme Composition' workshop I did with her that I signed up for Text and Image.

It is making me consider thoughtful ways I should integrate text into my collages.  Hope I'm achieving something here.

From Lesson 1:

Fifty Percent

From Lesson 2:

You're Not Alone

It is a six-week course...and EXCELLENT value.

I will post further exercises soon.


  1. These are amazing! I really like the slightly hidden but still noticeable use of the text and I like how you've incorporated paint/color in the background of the text. Great compositions too. I'm SO looking forward to taking at least one class from her next year.

  2. My fave? The "Fifty Percent" picture. Mysterious and an interesting color palette.

  3. These are awesome! Love them all! But I gotta say that I took a bit of a shining to Spekulatus....I love eyes!

  4. These are great, I'd say you're a quick study :-)

  5. Your collages are looking fabulous Jo.
    I am always a fan of text peeking thru in the background and marvel at what words pop up sometimes too!
    You've been busy...

  6. as you probably know, I adore text in art and these are wonderful, well done!

  7. lovely work. I've had my eye on this class for quite a while. maybe next time.

  8. Really like the text peekiing out in your work. I like Spekulatus too. Your class with Jane seems to be a good fit with lots of application. I checked out Jane's classes and was inspired by her use of tissue as I LOVE using tissue too. Her tutorials are very helpful. Thanks for introducing Jane Davies' artwork to me. Looks like I should be signing up for her Jan. class. Hugs.

  9. fabulous collages Jo! The text really does add interest. I especially like the first two.

  10. Love your pieces. I took a colour course with Jane not long ago, and I enjoyed it .... only problem was I never managed to complete it due to my time issues. I hope to go back to some assignments soon. I hope you will post some more of your assignments - it is great seeing your creations.

  11. Hi Jo,
    I've been out of blogland for about a month. It's nice to be back and catching up. I really like these collages. I use a lot of text in my art journaling and collage work.

  12. wow what fab collages are this!
    I wished I could take a class with her too !
    I love her art and watch every video from her on You Tube.!