Friday, November 8, 2013

The final 4 x 4s

Have been missing in action because I'm doing another online workshop with JANE DAVIES.....but more about that next post.

ROSEBED ST GALLERY is having it's usual Xmas 'smalls' exhibition in December and my final 3 canvases are done.  The previous ones were posted on October 2, October 11, and October 14 .

This is series 4:  Travel Broadens The Mind

Recent travels to exotic locations have left a jumble indelible impressions. A foreign phrase,  a museum here, a cafe there, perhaps a ticket for a show. 


acrylics,  travel ephemera (tickets, images from brochures, etc.), image transfer(acrylic skins)          

I've loved doing these...and the gallery is a delight.  So it's all good.
Next week some info on my work with Jane....she's an inspiration.


  1. Great all the text. I know how much you enjoy Jane Davies. I get to see her this summer and do a workshop. Almost seems too far away. xox

  2. More delight - such interesting mark making! I'm envious that you're working with Jane again.....I'm really hoping next year I can partake as well. I got to have one in-person class but many of her online ones are pulling at me.

  3. Great as usual, you are really working well, I seem to have lost my muse at the moment.

  4. gorgeous collages

  5. there is such a nice movement and flow in each and as a series. Fantastic work as usual Jo!

  6. I love the choice of palette in these pieces Jo. Hope to see you at the opening K x

  7. Wonderful travel inspired creations dear Jo!
    each one draws me in...
    Happy Weekend to you and yours

  8. Great collages, love the one on the bottom. I would like to take lessons from you!! :)

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